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Ironclad Legacy Pan Cast Iron Skillet 28cm


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Ironclad pan is the only hand-poured, New Zealand made cast iron skillet.  Includes Grapeseed Oil and Cotton Bag.

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The Ironclad Pan Company was founded in 2016 by Kate Slavin, Levi Slavin and Joe Carter. All three were working in design, branding and communications, and all three wanted to create a sustainable product that would return to beautiful craft and traditional techniques. In an era of disposable products, the team wanted to create a meaningful object that people only had to buy once. Something precious that could be handed down for generations.

The original hand-poured, New Zealand-made cast iron skillet. Every Ironclad Pan is unique and gets better with age. And with the right care, this kitchen centrepiece will cook meals for 100 years or more – that’s why it comes with a Three Generation Guarantee™️. Why’s it Ironclad Grey? Your cast iron skillet comes unseasoned – you can season it to your family’s taste and not worry about getting any paint chemicals or enamel chips in your food. Back to the fresh & healthy roots of cast iron cooking. Learn how to season and look after your pan in our Ironclad Pan Blog.


  • 28cm diameter – the perfect mid-size pan for family meals
  • Hangable, ergonomically considered handle
  • Front grip enables easier handling and balance
  • Dual pouring lips for smooth serving
  • High sides at 4.5cm
  • 2.7 kg – hand-poured with durable, T100 grade iron

What’s in the box?

  • A 50ml bottle of Marlborough Grapeseed Oil to pre-season your pan
  • A lightweight cotton bag for simple storage
  • Your Three Generation Guarantee™️ contract
  • Printed Use & Care instructions
  • All are locally sourced here in New Zealand

Keep your pan in great condition with the Ironclad Conditioning Balm

The Ironclad Pan Company also have a Recipe Vault so you’re able to login to save your favourite Ironclad Pan recipes and share them into your family collection so not only your pan, but your recipes can be passed down through the generations. If you’re wanting some inspiration for what recipes to create first, here are some of The Ironclad Pan’s top picks.


Cast Iron


Helper Handle, Induction-Capable, Metal Utensil Safe, Oven-Safe

Get to know your pan, how to look after it and what the guarantee involves in our Ironclad Pan Blog. (Worth a read!)

This is IT. The one thing that you can use daily, literally imbibe with your knowledge of great taste and pass down as a family heirloom for generations. We can guarantee you it will last the distance. We are so confident that our Ironclad Pan will only get better with age (and with proper use and care) that we will give you a replacement or your money back as part of your Three Generation Guarantee™ (approx. 100 years from the date of purchase). All you need to do is follow our super simple care instructions and register for your guarantee after you purchase your skillet.

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