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Bento Boxes & Accessories

Bento containers - the best invention since lunch boxes!

The Japanese have making lunches down to an art. So it comes to no surprise that their bento box tradition is taking the world by storm. Here at Chef’s Complements we have everything you need to join the healthy-food, rubbish-free, eye-candy lunch box revolution.

With our choice of bento containers and bento accessories you can transform everyday lunches into something to behold. Your kids don’t like veggies? Try cutting cute shapes and fill one compartment with yummy dips and they’re sure to eat them! Are you dreading those soggy sandwiches for lunch? In a bento box you can keep the sliced tomato and cucumber separate and simply assemble when you’re ready to eat. Do you want to make sure your little ones get a balanced diet? In bento containers you can have a bit of everything. Fruit, veges, sandwiches, boiled eggs, rice – you name it.

To make your bento box meals even more exciting, add little bento food picks or forks, and don’t forget a funky water bottle to go with it to keep those fluids up. Then all you have to do is sit back and watch your children bring back their empty, rubbish-free lunch boxes.

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Bento Boxes & Accessories

Alphabet Bento Food Picks


Brighten up your children's lunch box and help them to spell!


cute bento box food buckets

Bento Box Food Cup Buckets


Mini buckets. Could food be any more adorable.  Baby peas, mini meatballs, sultanas - the variety is endless. Great for pretend play too.


p-3026 cutter set

Food Cutter Set Animal Costumes


Adorable shaped food cutters. Great for keeping your kids interested in their lunchbox foods. Set of 5 cutters.


P3008 cutters set

Food Cutter Set Bento Foods


Adorable shaped food cutters. Great for keeping your kids interested in their lunchbox foods. Set of 12 cutters.


Goodbyn Bynto 3 in 1 Lunch Box (5 Colours)


Goodbyn Bynto's three compartment design allows for easy lunch making and even easier access to food at lunch time.


Goodbyn Dipper Set (5 Colours)


Designed to offer more compartments when you need them in both Hero and Bynto. Versatility wins. Two to go!


goodbyn hero blue lunchbox

Goodbyn Hero 5 in 1 Lunch Box (3 Colours)


Goodbyn Hero keeps foods separated: sandwiches won't taste like your banana and your fresh fruit won't have crumbs in it! A dynamo for eating on the go!


Goodbyn portions to go exploded view

Goodbyn Portions On The Go 4 in 1 Lunch Box (5 Colours)


One Salad or Sandwich container, one long dipper container, plus two small dipper containers.


Goodbyn Small Meal 2 in 1 Lunch Box (5 Colours)


455 ml in each compartment: Ideal for biscuits, crackers, nuts, fruit or cut sandwiches.


Goodbyn Snacks 2 in 1 Lunch Box (5 Colours)


184 ml in each compartment: Ideal for biscuits, crackers, nuts, fruit, dips, hummus or yogurt.


Leaves Bento Food Picks


Salad leaves to keep your lunch together. No more escaping cherry tomatoes or eggs rolling away!


lunch punch cat kit

Lunch Punch Cat Cutter Kit


This cat cutter kit makes feline shaped lunchtime treats!