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Zwilling – Which Cookware Suits Me?

Zwilling – Which Cookware Suits Me? main image

Zwilling Cookware

Marrying the tradition of expert German engineering and stainless steel know-how, ZWILLING J.A. Henckels manufactures stainless steel and non-stick cookware using the same high standards ingrained in their premium cutlery lines. Quality, innovation and design inspire each cookware collection. These high-performance pieces exceed the expectations of home cooks and professional chefs alike. ZWILLING’s team of engineers delivers cookware that provides everything chefs want: quick and even heating, stay-cool handles, dripless pouring rims and easy cleanup.


What type of cook are you?

Freestyle, family dinner or almost Masterchef level – however you cook, Zwilling have the right cookware for you in each and every case. Find out what type of cook you are and we’ll show you the cookware lines that fit your habits, your kitchen and your favourite dishes.


Uncomplicated chefs make no compromise when it comes to quality; they need cookware that’s especially practical to use. At the end of the day, cooking is about serving delicious food. ZWILLING offers functional cookware for everyday use. It combines a timeless design that’s reduced to the essentials. For even greater cooking enjoyment.


Experimental chefs need cookware that’s as unique as their taste. That’s why ZWILLING offers cookware for anyone who loves special things, such as exceptional design and fancy colours, but who still demands outstanding quality. So that your cookware is as exciting as the meals you prepare. And for even more fun when trying out new recipes.


Born hosts need the perfect cookware. Because they know all too well that the right pots and pans are essential for preparing perfect meals. ZWILLING has a huge selection of premium cookware for hosts. Every item combines excellent cooking properties, uncompromising quality and classic, elegant design. For even more fun cooking and enjoying meals.


Which cookware suits me?

Based on your cooking style, Zwilling has ranges that are designed to work alongside you and your ambitions in the kitchen perfectly.

You are CLASSIC when you

  • Like to cook quick and easy dishes
  • Have little time to cook
  • Appreciate functional and timeless design

You are UNIQUE when you

  • Enjoy trying out trends and new recipes
  • Enjoy experimenting with cooking
  • Love modern and unique design

You are EXPERT when you

  • Cook in an ambitious and passionate way
  • Delight in impressing your guests
  • Place great importance on high-quality materials and timeless design.

Each Zwilling cookware range is assigned one of these three cooking types to help you choose what range is best for you. At Chef’s Complements, we currently stock a couple of Zwilling’s best cookware ranges. These are the Zwilling Vitality (Expert level) & Zwilling Plus (Classic Level) as well as a set in Zwilling Base.

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