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Quattro Stagioni 1L Glass Sauce Bottle


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Quattro Stagioni jars offer many different uses in the kitchen, from storing dry food items such as pasta, flour, sugar, ground coffee or spices, to preserving fruits, vegetables, sauces or jams to keep fresh for up to one year – hence the name Quattro Stagioni which means “four seasons” in Italian.
When preserving with the Quattro Stagioni range of jars you can be assured that your culinary specialties have been preserved correctly due to the vacuum that you can see and feel. After completing the process correctly, the indent formed in the middle of the lid guarantees a perfect vacuum seal. The result is always controllable thanks to the characteristic popping sound you hear the first time you open the jar. Quattro’s lids pop the vacuum seal with a simple twist action just like store-bought jars of preserved food.

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