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Bread Armor

Guarding your grain

Bread Armor – Love your bread.
Keeps artisan bread fresh. Reusable, resealable bags that fit your bread.

Available in 2 sizes

10 reasons why YOU should use Bread Armor bags instead of a regular plastic bag?

Bread Armor bags keep oxygen & moisture out up to 30 times better than a regular plastic bag
Save money by keeping bread fresh for longer
Resealable & sized to fit your bread, multiple sizes available
Reusable – welded strong for durability and zippers are made with reuse in mind
FDA approved, contains no BPA’s
Made in the USA
Great for other storage uses too – like marinating meat or whole fish
Excellent freezer performance
Save the planet from single-use plastic!


Place room temperature bread in bag, remove excess air and seal.
Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
To refresh, flash bread in an Oven for 5 minutes. reuse only if clean.

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