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Manufactured in Portugal, the Eclipse brand represents durable stoneware products, embracing the region’s ceramic heritage, combining artisanal work with the best natural resources and latest technology.

Available in 6 colours, Grey, Green, Dark Grey, Cream (as well as Taupe & Brown available by indent) the plates and bowls by Eclipse offer clean, cylindrical form which is perfect for everyday hospitality establishments. All colours in the Eclipse range mix and match perfectly to create your own table setting for any environment. The multi-functional plates and bowls are produced in on-trend colour combinations, featuring a semi-matte stoneware glaze making every piece unique. The result is a unique, modern and reliable stoneware that is single fired to create a stoneware body durable and resistant to both thermal and mechanical shock.

Features of Eclipse:

Single fired stoneware
Resistant to both thermal and mechanical shock
Microwave, freezer, oven and dishwasher safe
Semi-matte glaze in a range of on-trend and matching colours
Manufactured in Portugal