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Herb Spice Fine Foods

Over 20 years ago The Herb and Spice Mill started, like many other companies with a passion for something different. In our case it was all about FOOD!

Food you can entertain with, celebrate with, food that is different and fun (& easy) to cook.

Over the years we have lovingly retained those products that our customers just can’t do without, as well as introducing new products to provide a variety of food experiences to our many customers.

What began as a simple business creating different food for New Zealanders has expanded into Australia, Great Britain, Norway and Singapore, countries we have been exporting to for 15 years.

Wherever possible we manufacture products in New Zealand and, if necessary, source products from the best overseas gourmet food producers we can find.

We hope you, your family & friends enjoy what we offer and have fun experimenting with some of our unusual finds.

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