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Say goodbye to single-use water bottles and coffee cups, and replace them with a new, sustainable and stylish alternative.

Kambukka is a Belgian premium brand that designs trendy drinking solutions for people on the go. Kambukka bottles last a lifetime and keep you hydrated for years and years to come. With timeless designs and a wide range of durable bottles, everyone can find a bottle that fits their lifestyle. With its patent-pending smart product features, interchangeable lids, a design that is 100% leak-proof, and bottles that are very easy to clean thanks to their Snapclean® feature, you can reduce your environmental impact with one simple act.

Smart Design

Combining functionality and user-friendliness with a premium look & feel

Easy to Clean

Patented Snapclean® technology makes cleaning easy. All Kambukka lids are dishwasher safe

Universal Lids

All lids are interchangeable and fit any Kambukka bottle body