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Beer Basic

For the world’s best beers

Variety, new taste experiences and gourmet beers are the hot topics in scene bars and upscale gastronomy and the beer basic series is the perfect companion. Beer Basic by Schott Zwiesel offers aficionados of stylish beer culture the right shape for perfect enjoyment. In cooperation with experts, Schott Zwiesel has now developed a concept that clearly enhances the enjoyment and taste of gourmet beers: the effervescence point. A point at the bottom of the glass which is almost invisible releases the carbon dioxide which is bound in the beer and thus provides for more perlage and plenty of foam. Thus the beer tastes longer as freshly tapped and optically also cuts a good figure in the glass. The mildly tapered glasses widen slightly toward the top to provide ample space for the beer’s frothy “head” to develop.