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Scrub Daddy

Smile while you Scrub

Scrub Daddy’s & Mommy’s FlexTexture® changes based on your water temperature! You control your scrubbing power. In warm water, they’re soft and more absorbent, in cool water they’re firm for scrubbing seriously stuck-on messes without the need for added harsh chemicals. Ergonomic, doesn’t scratch, rinses free of debris, and resists odours for up to 8 weeks!

Tested on over 20 surfaces not to scratch. Including Acrylic, Car Exterior Paint, Ceramic, Chrome, Glass, Granite, Non-stick Coating, Stainless Steel, Wood and many more. The power is in your hands!

The Scrub Mommy’s ResoFoam® Side is 6x more absorbent than the leading brand, produces 60% more soap suds, in addition to being odour and stain-resistant.

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