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German Quality. Made in Solingen

Triangle is a Solingen-based third generation family-owned business that manufactures and develops kitchen tools since 1946. The product portfolio comprises professional chef’s tools as well as high-grade tools for creative cooking. Perfect functionality, superior quality, sustainable production and the continuous development of innovations are our focus. Made for professional chefs and individuals with a great passion for cooking.
With Love for Detail
It is the small details that make all the difference between an average and a great product. We pay great attention to those details. So that every triangle product serves its purpose to perfection.
Developed in Solingen
Product development requires a lot of experience, know-how and carefulness. Therefore we will not let others do this important step for us. To make sure that each and every product meets our standards 100%.
Award-Winning Design
A timelessly designed product is one you will enjoy every day, even in years. That is why we work with renowned German product designers to develop our award-winning yet highly functional style.