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Agee Special Preserving Jars (3 Sizes)

From $6.99

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From $6.99

Whether you’re preserving Otago apricots, Hawkes Bay peaches or fruit and veg from your own garden, these Agee Special Preserving Jars make the ideal preserving companion. Coming in 3 different sizes, there is sure to be a preserving jar for your needs. These preserving jars come with a golden coloured, metal screw band lids, which are two parts; the reusable band and the seal which can be replaced for preserving.


  • Medium 240ml 5cmx10cm. Fits Regular Jar Seals
  • Large 500ml 10cmx10cm. Fits Wide Mouth Jar Seals
  • XLarge 1L 11cmx14cm. Fits Wide Mouth Jar Seals


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