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Bakemaster Proving Basket Circle


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A proving basket is designed to hold your dough on its final proving. There is nothing quite like the taste and smell of fresh, homemade bread. With this Bakemaster filled circle proving basket, the dough maintains its shape before the final bake, perfect for developing flavour and texture. As the dough rises, the basket leaves a spiral imprint on your beautifully baked round loaf with a centre for adding goodies in either before or after baking.

Your Bakemaster proving basket will need seasoning. Before use gently clean the surface with a brush or your hand to remove any debris or dust. The rub the inside of the basket with flour to prevent it from sticking. Do this with a mix of 100g plain flour & 100g rice flour (keep leftover flour for next time).


  • Hand wash only – made from rattan
  • Size: 28×6.5cm

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