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Butter Bell Crock Cafe Retro Golden Yellow


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Say ‘No More!’ to hard butter and welcome into your home this time-honoured French method for serving and storing fresh butter.

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The Original Butter Bell Crock – The best way to keep butter!

Cold refrigerated butter is impossible to spread, tearing your toast and leaving unwanted clumps of butter on your favourite foods. Say ‘No More!’ to hard butter and welcome into your home this time-honoured French method for serving and storing fresh butter.

Cafe Retro – Beautiful Colours

The Retro Cafe pattern of Butter Bell crocks is immensely popular and features the words “butter” and “beurre” (French for butter) in a delicate raised relief pattern on opposite sides of the base of the crock. The Retro Cafe pattern is available in a variety of vibrant colours including the golden yellow designed to match any kitchen decor or tabletop design.

How it works:

Keep butter at the perfect spreading consistency by reflecting outside heat while insulating and cooling the butter. The flavour and freshness of the butter are protected by an airtight seal of water at the base of the crock

How to use:

  1. Pour 1/3 cup of cold water into the base of the crock
  2. Pack one block (1/2 cup) softened butter FIRMLY into the bell-shaped lid, pressing out any air pockets.
  3. Replace the lid into the bottom of the crock. Your butter is ready for use!

Important Notes for use:

  • Make sure to change the water every 3 days
  • Do not store by stove or other heated appliances or in direct sunlight
  • Do not store processed cheeses or other foods in the Butter Bell
Features & Benefits:
  • Designed to hold 1/2 cup / 125 grams of butter (can use less than designed amount!)
  • Made of durable new bone porcelain
  • Free of lead and cadmium
  • Endorsed by top chefs and butter manufacturers all over the world
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe

Can I use other spreads in the Butter Bell Crock?

The Butter Bell crock works best with real butter – either salted or unsalted. Other spreads such as margarine, cream cheese or other cheese spreads, or nut butters are not recommended for long-term storage in the crock. Ghee, whipped butter or clarified butters are also not optimal for storage in the crock as they become too soft to properly stay in the lid when brought to room temperature. The Butter Bell crock could be used as a presentation or serving vessel for various spreads for an evening or afternoon – minus the water in the base of the crock.

Butter Bell Crock History

From an early age, consumers are taught butter “belongs in the fridge.” Yet, cold butter is difficult to spread, resulting in torn toast, ripped rolls and lumpy clumps on favourite foods. So how do we enjoy soft, smooth butter while maintaining proper storage, freshness and flavour?

First, we can look to classic culinarians. In the 16th century, foodies in France created a clever bell-shaped storage crock to prevent butter from spoiling while keeping it creamy and aromatically delicious. Upon the advent of refrigeration, these little crocks slowly disappeared. Only true butter aficionados, chefs and some European households still had them in use.

Fortunately, in 1995, the butter lovers at L. Tremain, Inc. refused to relegate this beurrier to culinary history. The company has taken the traditional French concept, increased its effectiveness and beauty, to create an innovative butter storage keeper specifically for today’s consumer – the Original Butter Bell® Crock.

Dishwasher safe

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