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Le Creuset Stoneware Butter Bell Crock 150ml (2 Colours)


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Two-piece crockery that keeps butter fresh on the counter for weeks. 10-year guarantee

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Butter Bells date as far back as the Middle Ages. Before we had fridges to rely on, these airtight ceramic vessels stopped butter from spoiling and kept it at the right temperature.

Inspired by traditional designs, this pot protects your butter and keeps it perfectly soft for effortless spreading. Featuring the distinctive three-ring design, this piece matches the iconic cast-iron pots, so can be perfectly placed within your existing Le Creuset collection.

The butter crock, also known as a butter bell or butter keeper, is a two-piece crockery that keeps butter fresh on the counter for up to 30 days. The butter goes in the “bell,” which you place in the water-filled crock. This device keeps butter smooth and spreadable whenever you need it.

Pack the cup on the underside of the lid with about six ounces of butter. Fill the crock one-third of the way up to the water level line with cold water. Keep the water fresh by refilling it every few days.


  • 10 cm diameter | 150 ml capacity
  • Water Level Line
  • Easy clean, enamelled, scratch-resistant surface (will not scratch under a knife).
  • Hygienic, will not absorb odours or flavours, won’t stain
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

For more information on how to use and care for your Le Creuset products, visit our Le Creuset Guide for a more in-depth understanding. Find out how these pieces are made, what makes them unique and why you should invest in Le Creuset!

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Cerise, Azure Blue

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