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Chasseur Cast Iron French Oven Round 24cm (24 Colours)


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The 24cm round Chasseur French oven is perfect for the typical Kiwi family holding 4-6 portions.

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Exquisite, Artisanal French Craftsmanship

Immerse yourself in the legacy of Chasseur, a renowned brand synonymous with timeless elegance and meticulous attention to detail. Since 1924, Chasseur has been crafting its iconic cast-iron casseroles / French Ovens and other cookware in its prestigious foundry, nestled in the Champagne Ardennes region of France. Upholding age-old techniques, each piece is painstakingly produced using individual sand moulds and adorned with hand-sprayed enamel coatings, resulting in truly one-of-a-kind creations.

The Ultimate Seal of Authenticity

Origine France Garantie label

Chasseur proudly boasts the esteemed “Guaranteed Made in France” [Origine France Garantie] label, an exclusive certification that guarantees the French origin of its cast-iron cookware. With this certification and unwavering commitment to artisanal craftsmanship, Chasseur invites you to experience the epitome of French culinary excellence. Elevate your kitchen with Chasseur’s exquisite range of cast-iron cookware. They are crafted with a passion only found in the heart of France.

The Chasseur French Oven: Practicality Meets Versatile Beauty

While the French have always appreciated cooking in colourful cast iron cookware, anyone who truly appreciates the art of fine cuisine will love Chasseur Cookware. Suitable for any heat source, from oven to hob to induction, combined with their aesthetic beauty, these casseroles are perfect for kitchen-to-table use.

Internal rings on the undersides of the tight-fitting lid encourage moisture to gather, then drip back onto the food, creating a self-basting effect. This vapour cycle relieves you of the need to continually watch over your cooking while guaranteeing tasty, tender food! Being versatile, you can cook everyone’s favourite meal, from baked goods to one-pot wonders and Sunday roasts. The great thing is, after cooking and when it’s time to clean up, these casseroles feature an easy-clean surface that won’t absorb flavours or odours.

Choosing a French Oven

Investing in a Chasseur casserole is a big decision. Why? Because it will stay with you for life! Not only will your family recipes be passed down, but this wonderful piece of cookware will, too! A round casserole is perfect for dishes cooked in sauce and stews and is the perfect shape for mixing smoothly and effectively. An oval casserole’s elongated shape is perfect for roasts and poultry, while a low round casserole is ideal for searing, sauteing, cooking, and serving your dishes. Now all you need to decide on is colour… good luck!

The 24cm round Chasseur French oven is the perfect size for the typical Kiwi family, holding 4-6 portions.

  • Hand cast in individual sand moulds and destroyed after each use
  • Chasseur trademarked coloured, two-layered, enamelling process skillfully applied by hand to each unique piece by trained experts
  • An optimal gauge on all pieces to promote unsurpassed heat distribution and retention and no hot spots
  • Tight-fitting & self-basting lids
  • Stainless steel Chasseur branded knob that is concaved so your utensils can sit comfortably on it. Handy for when it’s time to serve food at the table
  • Environmentally friendly – Chasseur uses up to 80% recycled material and is 100% recyclable
  • Suitable for all heat sources, including induction & oven safe to 250°C (for pots with stainless steel knobs) and 220°C (for pots with black knobs)
  • Lifetime limited warranty against manufacturer faults and defects
  • Made in France

Want to add to the elegance of your Chasseur French Oven? Try adding a Brass-coloured Steel Knob that exudes luxury!

Chasseur – timeless & classic, made for a lifetime of gourmet cooking pleasure. From France with love!


Bordeaux, Federation Red, Inferno Red, Coral, Sunset, Mustard, Lemon Yellow, Peppermint, Mediterranean Blue, Quartz, Forest, Liquorice Blue, Azure Blue, French Blue, Sky Blue, Duck Egg Blue, Cherry Blossom, Wisteria, Rosewood, Chocolat, Celestial Grey, Caviar, Matte Black, Brilliant White


Enamelled Cast Iron


Induction-Capable, Oven-Safe



How to look after your Chasseur Cast Iron Casserole

First off, congratulations on your new piece of Chasseur! We’d love to see your happy unboxing video or pics of your first meal. Make sure to tag us on Instagram! (@chefscomplementsnz) To enjoy your new piece for years to come, please make sure to follow the instructions below.

Before first use

Before using it for the first time, remove the stickers, clean it with hot water and leave it to dry. Then brush the inside with a small amount of vegetable oil. Warm it over a low heat for a few minutes and wipe off the excess oil. Your product is now ready to use!


  • Chasseur enamelled cast iron products can be used with all sources of heat: gas, electric, vitroceramic, induction and oven (with the exception of cookware with wooden handles).
  • With induction hobs, you must never use the BOOSTER function and never apply maximum power. This prevents damage to the iron and the enamel of your cookware. This is extremely important with pieces such as grills & crêpe pans.
  • Start off with the minimum setting and then increase the heat very gradually so as to avoid creating thermal shock and cracking the enamel.
  • DO NOT heat the cookware when it is empty: the enamel may be damaged irreversibly.
  • For ideal performance, avoid fierce flames. Cook on a medium heat setting after smearing the cookware with greased absorbent paper
  • Match the size of your hob ring to the size of the receptacle to avoid concentrating the heat in one area.
  • If you are using a glass hob, lift the cookware rather than dragging it.
  • For stirring, do not use metal spatulas or utensils, do not tap the edges of the cookware and never cut food inside the cookware as you risk scratching or damaging the enamel.
  • For simmering, ensure there is plenty of liquid throughout the cooking period and use a low flame to give a long cooking time. after the braising phase on medium heat, the water vapour from simmering the food condenses on contact with the colder lid to produce droplets. The pattern of regular grooves on the underside of the Chasseur lid causes these water droplets to fall over the dish you are preparing. This creates a vapour cycle that relieves you of the need to continually watch over your cooking while guaranteeing tasty, tender food!
  • Chasseur Casseroles with black Bakelite knobs can withstand heat up to 220°C, while metal knobs can withstand heat up to 250°C.

Cleaning & Storage

Leave your cookware to cool down before washing it with a non-abrasive sponge. If any food residue is still stuck, soak it in warm water and washing up liquid. You can put your Chasseur product in the dishwasher (with the exception of products with a wooden handle), but we don’t recommend that you do this regularly. Modern cleaning agents could attack and tarnish the enamel, while harsh dishwashing processes could damage the product. We strongly suggest you hand wash your cookware to increase the longevity of the product. Wipe your cookware thoroughly and make sure it is dry before putting it away. If oxidation occurs (it isn’t dangerous), apply some fat to the affected areas.

Find out how Chasseur Cast Iron is produced before it makes its way to Chef’s Complements!


  • 20cm: approx. 2-4 portion sizes (2.5L)
  • 22cm: approx. 4 portion sizes (3.2L)
  • 24cm: approx. 4-6 portion sizes (4.0L)
  • 26cm: approx. 6 portion sizes (5.0L)
  • 28cm: approx. 6-8 portion sizes (6.1L)
  • 32cm: approx. 10 portion sizes (8.8L)


  • 27cm: approx. 4 portion size (4.0L)

Low Round

  • 30cm: approx. 2-4 portion size (2.5L)

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