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E-Cloth Wipe & Wash Kitchen Pack


Combo pack of microfiber cloths for kitchen cleaning with just water. Make quick work of stubborn grease and food stains.

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The E-cloth Wipe & Wash Kitchen Cleaning pack, the ideal combo for a spotless kitchen

Master the kitchen sink — and everything in it — with E-Cloth Wash & Wipe Dish Cloths.

Transform dishes from dirty to done with precision-engineered microfibers that grab and trap grease and food, activated with water’s molecular might. You don’t even need liquid soap. (Love those suds, we won’t spoil your fun!) These cloths even make quick work of stubborn grease and food stains that normally need soaking and scrubbing.

When the dishes are done, ultra-thirsty, microscopic fibres soak up splashes and smudges in and around the sink and taps. Rinse between chores. Toss in the laundry to refresh, More than reusable, the E-Cloth cloths come with a 100-wash or 1-year promise, so you can cross short-lived sponges and paper towels and off your shopping list for good.

What makes E-Cloth different from other cloths? Premium microfibers. This cloth has 480,000 of them per square cm, split on a microscopic level, they break up and grab grease, dirt and bacteria, removing it from surfaces. E-cloth cloths are durable, reusable cleaning tools, with the impressive cleaning performance

Excellent on:

  • Washing up: Effective at removing grease with water but can be used with washing up liquid
  • Sinks: for wiping down after washing up


  • Includes 2 super absorbent Wash & Wipe Kitch cloth (edge trim colour may vary)
  • Removes over 99% of bacteria with just water
  • Machine washable microfibre ( 80% polyester, 20% polyamide)
  • Save money by reducing the use of paper towels & chemicals
  • Guaranteed for 1 year or 100 washes
  • Dimensions Cloth : 31.75 x 31.75cm

NOTE: Using E-CLoths with just water reduces the need for chemicals, which can have harmful effects, especially on mothers and babies and those who suffer from allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities.

A healthier way to clean, E-Cloth is enough.

Committing to high-performance cleaning with just water for your health, the well-being of your family, and the sustainability of our planet.

Weight 0.000 kg

Both cloths come with a 1-year, 100-wash promise (when used and cared for as recommended).

  • Rinse and wring out your Kitchen Cloth after use.
  • Machine wash up to 90°C with a small amount of detergent. No fabric softener or dryer sheets. Hang dry.
  • To clean and degrease, boil in just water.
  • Oops! Instructions: If fabric softener or dryer sheets are used by accident, rewash with a little detergent.


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