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GoodLife Sprouting Jar Kit 500ml


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It couldn’t be simpler to add fresh sprouts to your diet all year round with the GoodLife Sprouting Jar Kit. Enjoy the ease of growing a variety of spouts in your own kitchen.  GoodLife have been growing their own sprouts for over a year now, and their biggest frustration was trying to get the time to drain the water out of the jar so that they didn’t go soggy before they finished germination…. Problem solved with the GoodLife Sprout Lid! Pop in your seeds, screw your mesh lid onto the jar and run your water through it each day, then just flip your jar and after a little shake to move the sprouts around walk away and leave it to drain in the sink.  So simple. GoodLife Sprouting Jar Kits are a wonderful addition to any family household, and make an awesome gift for anyone of any age.

This sprouting kit includes:

  • 1 x GoodLife Glass 500ml Jar
  • 1 x GoodLife reusable free-draining Sprouting Lid
  • 1 x Complimentary Pack of Organic Sprouting Seeds
  • Instruction leaflet on how to grow your sprouts
  • Tied together with our eco swing tag (as we embrace minimal packaging – while still looking stylish)



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