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LocknLock Euro Glass Heat-Resistant Rectangular Container 1L


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Lock & Lock keeps foods fresher for longer. Larger size.

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LocknLock Euro Glass Heat-Resistant Containers – From cooking to table setting

Not only can LocknLock Euro Glass handle the heat, but it’s also cool in the cold. It can withstand rapid temperature changes and can be stored in both the refrigerator and the freezer. The LocknLock 4-side locking technology turns these pieces of oven-proof glass dishes into perfect storage containers to keep food fresh while storing.

These slim-lined modern-designed glass containers are not just versatile; they are also perfect for creating a stylish table setting and were even awarded a prestigious world design award – the red dot design award.

The Euro Glass Range

LocknLock comes in a variety of unique shapes and sizes and is used extensively overseas in food service because of its absolute 100% air and water tightness. These containers save space in your kitchen, fridge or freezer as they’re stackable, and also save money by reducing your food wastage. LocknLock keeps foods fresher for longer due to the unique 4-sided patented lid locks – with the hinges passing the 3 million times working test!

A benefit of LocknLock is that it is see-through, so products can be easily identified. Stain and odour-resistant material, preventing the container from absorbing food smells after multiple uses. Resists salt and oxidation.


  • Capacity: 1L – 4.22 cups
  • Dimensions: 200 × 152 × 74 mm
  • Excellent airtightness with its unique 4-sided patented lid locks
  • Constructed from Silicic acid (SiO₂) & Boracic acid (B₂O₃)
  • Heat-resistant – Can be used in temperatures up to 400°C (without lid)
  • BPA-Free glass containers
  • suitable for both the microwave and the oven.
  • Freezer, microwave (without lid) and dishwasher safe (top rack only)
  • Do not place frozen dishes directly in an oven
  • Neat and organized in the fridge with stackable caps
  • Material: Borosilicate Eco-Friendly Glass container Polypropylene (P/P) Lid with Silicone Seal

Why choose Euro Glass Heat-Resistant Containers by LocknLock?

  1. It is safe – Material is what makes products different. LocknLock uses heat-resistant glass that has a very low risk of breaking itself or spreading fragments (when there is no deliberate impact given), even if it means bearing a greater cost. However, LocknLock persists in heat-resistant glass usage in order to create a safe kitchen environment where everyone can safely use their products. It is made from Eco-friendly materials and is BPA-Free.
  2. It is light – Heat-resistant glass is more than 10% lighter than tempered glass, lifting a great weight off of users’ wrists.
  3. It is clear – LocknLock oven glass is less likely to become murky. It always stays as clear and pure as the day it was purchased. General glass often shows efflorescence, a phenomenon that turns murky as it contacts with air when stored for a long time. Heat-resistant glass, however, has a low risk of efflorescence when in contact with air as there is a low ratio of sodium oxide. It keeps its transparency for a long time.
  4. It heats up less – With its low permittivity, It makes food warmer, while the container itself gets less heated when used in the microwave. This is why the bottom glass inside the microwave is made of heat-resistant glass rather than tempered glass that heats up very easily as it absorbs electromagnetic waves more than heat-resistant glass does
  5. It is heat-resistant – As LocknLock oven glass is made of borosilicate glass that has strong heat resistance, it can strongly withstand heat and rapid temperature change. Therefore, you can use it not only in the microwave but also in the oven and dishwasher, and it can also be cleaned in boiling water.

About Heat-Resistant Glass 

Heat-resistant glass goes through a specialized process that supplements the general glass’ weakness. Therefore, it is able to withstand high temperatures. There is a high possibility of being exposed to heat in the kitchen. It is also more than frequent for tableware to be exposed to the use of refrigerators and microwaves. Heat-resistant glass tableware manufactured by LocknLock is a safety-guaranteed product that has obtained KS Certificate (KS L2424) for Heat Resistant Glass Tableware for Oven and Boiling Water from Korean Standards Association (KSA). It can be used in various environments such as 400°C of oven, microwave and freezer. It will not break even if you put very hot food you just finished cooking inside. It can be cleaned in boiling water, dishwasher, dish dryer and steam sterilizer. Heat-resistant glass not only uses costly base material (borosilicate) but also goes through a very complicated manufacturing process, decreasing production efficiency, which is why it can be dearer than standard glass containers.

Heat-Resistant Glass vs Tempered Glass

Heat-Resistant Glass & Tempered Glass are the two main forms of special glass constructions that are commonly used in tableware & kitchenware. Heat-Resistant glass is strong in thermal shock and is oven safe, while Tempered Glass is strong in physical shock and cannot be used in the oven.

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