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Magimix Gelato Expert Satin


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Ice cream, sorbets or granita 100% homemade and 100% successful in 30 minutes! Make the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted.

Now you can make the most delicious fresh ice cream and sorbets yourself quickly, easily and at a fraction of the cost of shop brought. Unlike most ice cream makers, the ‘Magimix Gelato Expert’ doesn’t need pre-freezing, because it’s got its own built-in freezer. Just choose your recipe, switch on, pour in your ingredients, and in only 30 minutes your delicious ice cream is ready. With its own freezer, you make as little or as much ice cream in as many flavours as you like.

  • 3 Auto Cycles – Gelato Ice Cream, Frozen Yoghurt and Sorbet
  • Manual Cycle
  • 3-Year parts guarantee



  • Removable 2.0L Tank
  • Removable Tank Pellet – Blade used with removable bowl
  • Fixed Tank – Tank in stainless steel for a second preparation. Capacity 2L
  • Fixed Tank Blade – For a homogeneous preparation. To be used in the fixed bowl.
  • Cover – To keep the cold and avoid projections.
  • Doser – For dosing the alcohol prescribed to improve the conduction of cold between the 2 tanks.
  • Free App – Find all the recipes on the Magimix app available for mobile and tablet.
  • Spatula – To remove your preparation from the tank.

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