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Scanpan Black Iron Wok 30cm


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Seasoned black carbon steel pan that sears, braises and deglazes like no other pan. Stainless steel riveted long handle. Naturally Nonstick.

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Made from pure iron, the Black Iron pans have been pre-seasoned from the factory.


Experience the excellence of Black Iron, a remarkable series of iron cookware designed to elevate your cooking endeavours. Discover the features that will make Black Iron a top choice for both home cooks and professional chefs seeking reliable quality and performance. They will continue to improve over time – the more you use them, the better the cooking results!

High Performance: Black Iron frying pans are meticulously constructed using premium black carbon steel, ensuring long-lasting durability. From stovetop to oven to BBQ to open fire, Black Iron handles high temperatures effortlessly. Whether you’re searing, baking, or roasting, Black Iron cookware delivers consistent and precise results. Enjoy the freedom to explore various cooking techniques without limitations.

Thoughtful Design: The frying pans’ generously angled sides provide ample space for effortless food flipping, making it especially advantageous for delicate ingredients like fish. Moreover, the outwardly flared sides facilitate seamless food release and contribute to achieving a delightful sear.

The extra-long handle of our frying pans, made from stainless steel and secured with steel rivets, provides a comfortable and secure grip. The ergonomic design ensures ease of use and control while cooking.

Unleash Your Culinary Creativity: Black Iron empowers you to experiment with various cooking techniques, such as searing, braising, and deglazing. Enjoy a crispy and flavourful crust and discover new flavours and textures as you bring out the best in your dishes. Experience the satisfaction of achieving restaurant-quality results in the comfort of your own kitchen.


  • 30cm
  • Base diameter 15.5cm
  • Stands very high heat on all energy sources, including oven.
  • Extremely fast and efficient heating on induction hob.
  • Black carbon steel fry pans in 3.0 mm thick material for optimum performance – wok in 2.5 mm body thickness.
  • Proven functional design for professional chefs, restaurants, and catering.
  • Sear, braise and deglaze like no other pan.
  • Seasoned for better corrosion resistance with vegetable oil.
  • Long handle in stainless steel with steel rivets.
  • SCANPAN design DNA.
  • See Care Instructions


Carbon Steel, Non-Stick


Helper Handle, Induction-Capable, Metal Utensil Safe, Oven-Safe

Before first use: season the pan

Natural nonstick effect: As oil is repeatedly heated and polymerizes on the pan’s surface, it forms a thin layer that helps prevent food from sticking.

Enhanced flavours: A well-seasoned pan develops a patina over time, which adds depth and richness to the flavours of your food. It imparts a unique, seasoned taste that enhances your cooking.

Corrosion resistance: Seasoning helps protect the iron surface from rust and corrosion. The oil coating acts as a barrier, preventing moisture from coming into direct contact with the iron and causing it to oxidize.

Improved durability: Regular seasoning helps maintain the integrity and longevity of the pan. It helps prevent the formation of rust and extends the lifespan of the cookware.

How do I season my pan? watch this video

Use & Care

How to fry on a Black Iron pan
Add a fair amount cooking oil or butter to the pan and heat until the pan becomes hot.
Be aware that heating time is very fast on induction cooktops.
Allow the food to form a crisp surface before you move or turn the food.
Reduce the heat when the desired crispy surface has been achieved.


Simply wash the pan in hot water.
Rub the surface with a stiff brush or sponge.

Do not…
– soak the pan.
– wash in the dishwasher.
– use dishwashing liquid.
– use a metal sponge.

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