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Schott Zwiesel Show Long Drink 368ml


Perfect for classics such as Cuba Libre or Vodka Lemon

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Show – a popular all-rounder

Schott Zwiesel’s Show barware collection combines timeless, classic and modern design. This makes them a highlight on every table and, thanks to their versatility, they are suitable for any ambience – whether in the bar or at home. The glasses are particularly dishwasher-safe and impress not only with their practical and aesthetic side, but also with their versatility in terms of enjoyment: the collections are ideal for mixed drinks, soft drinks, cocktails, long drinks or whiskey.

Show Features:

  • Tritan Crystal Glass – Perfect form, exceptional brilliance. Brilliant, shatter-resistant
  • Machine blown
  • Lead-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food-Safe
  • Environmentally-friendly production
  • Made in Germany

Long Drink Glass

Long drink classics such as Cuba Libre or Vodka Lemon not only taste good in the long drink glass from the Show series by Schott Zwiesel, they also look great. Perfect for a stylish bar evening!

  • Dimensions: Height: 150mm | Diameter: 70mm
  • Capacity: 368ml
  • Product: #79

About Schott Zwiesel and Zwiesel Glas

Schott Zwiesel glassware has been setting standards for years with modern products. Schott Zwiesel is the market leader of crystal glasses and is the sub-brand of the new umbrella company Zwiesel Glas. Sommeliers, winemakers, internationally acclaimed chefs and top hotels in over 130 countries value the brand of Schott Zwiesel and have done so for over 150 years. They create timelessly modern designs and excellent applications for crystal glass, which reflect the latest trends. Zwiesel Glas strives to protect the environment and has received an ecological profile with its patented TRITAN® Technology. Not only does Schott Zwiesel produce glassware that is protected from scratches, but it is also shatter-resistant, lead and barium free, dishwasher safe and can achieve all this with the smallest possible burden to the environment!

Read our About Schott Zwiesel / Zwiesel Glas blog to take in all the tradition, class, heritage, environmental efforts, accolades and more behind this brand

Sounds like Zwiesel

Glass Care – Keeping your glasses brilliant with perfect cleaning

Although Zwiesel glasses are manufactured with passion and in accordance with the highest industry standards, it should be emphasized that each product is made of glass which, in itself, is a brittle material that, if not handled properly, may break or crack. We, therefore, kindly ask and encourage you to carefully read the below guideline on care and cleaning of your glasses to ensure a long-lasting and unmistakable product experience:


  • Check filter inserts, nozzles and spray arms for cleanliness.
  • Keep all food residue out of the dishwasher.
  • Use a larger detergent dose for dried-up food residue.
  • Apply softening, partial or full desalination agents depending on water quality.
  • Open the dishwasher promptly after the rinse cycle to allow steam to escape.

Dish Towel

  • Use dishtowels made of lint-free material. Pure linen or microfiber is best.
  • Never use your polishing cloth for other purposes to avoid odour and grease residue.
  • Launder dish towels without adding starch and fabric softener as a general rule.
  • Try Zwiesel’s special polishing cloths for perfect cleaning


  • Avoid leaving fingerprints when taking glasses out of the dishwasher.
  • Lift glasses by their stem or foot when removing them.
  • Polish the bowl and foot of thin-walled and handmade glasses separately to avoid breakage.
  • Never hold the glass by the base plate when cleaning the bowl. The pressure may lead to breaking the stem.
  • Hands must be absolutely clean. Keep paper towels near the dishwasher to encourage hand washing and drying.
  • Never breathe on glasses or spray them with cleaning agents. Lightly moisten them with water vapour instead.


  • Visually inspect your polishing results by carefully holding the glass up to the light.
  • The brilliant clarity of crystal glasses brings out the best of a wine‘s colour.

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