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Traditional Polished Steel Paella Pan (14 Sizes)


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Our paella pans come in various sizes, suitable for any occasion, whether you’re cooking for one or catering to a crowd of 50.

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An authentic paella pan is essential for preparing Spain’s national dish, paella, either in your kitchen or on an outdoor grill or fire.

Our paella pans come in various sizes, suitable for any occasion, whether you’re cooking for one or catering to a crowd of 50. From single servings to large gatherings, we have the perfect pan to meet your needs.

Crafted from heavy raw steel, this pan ensures efficient heat conduction, providing even cooking across its entire surface. The pan’s flared sides and wide cooking surface are specifically engineered to promote rapid absorption and evaporation of liquid, which is crucial for achieving the perfect paella texture. This classic design allows the rice to cook in a thin, even layer, encouraging the formation of the socarrat, the coveted crispy bottom crust that is a hallmark of traditional paella. The pan’s robust construction and thoughtful design make it an indispensable tool for novice and experienced paella enthusiasts, ensuring authentic results every time.

“Paella” is pronounced as “pah-EH-yah.” The emphasis is on the second syllable, with a soft “y” sound, similar to the “y” in “yes.”

Please read the important care instructions before use to get the best from your pan!

Made in Valencia, Spain.

Sizing Guide:

  • 20cm – Serves 1
  • 26cm – Serves 2
  • 28cm – Serves 3
  • 30cm – Serves 4
  • 34cm – Serves 6
  • 38cm – Serves 8
  • 42cm – Serves 10
  • 50cm – Serves 14
  • 60cm – Serves 19
  • 70cm – Serves 30
  • 80cm – Serves 40
  • 90cm – Serves 50 (has 4 handles)

Please note: due to sizing, some pans incur additional courier charges. 


20cm, 26cm, 28cm, 30cm, 34cm, 38cm, 42cm, 50cm, 55cm, 60cm, 65cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm

Use and Care:

These paella pans are made from raw, uncoated steel, requiring careful use and care to ensure it lasts a lifetime. The more you use the pan, the better it becomes as it builds up a lovely patina. Please note the pan will darken and alter in colour with use.
When new, your Paella may appear to have scratches on the surface. These will be on the protective ‘varnish’ that needs to be removed.

Before use:
Fill your Paella with water (as much as practical) and bring it to a rolling boil to remove the protective coating (approx. 10 minutes).
Dry, then wipe the pan’s interior with a paper towel dipped in vegetable oil (not olive oil).
Place in a very low oven for 1 hour. The pan is now ready to use

Care during use:
This product is designed for use over a gas flame or fire. Although this material is suitable for induction, the base is not entirely flat, and heat transfer may not be efficient.
Never place an empty pan on direct heat. Heat the pan slowly and control the heat at all times.
If using your pan in the oven, never expose it to temperatures higher than 250ºC for more than 10 minutes.
Use only metal or wooden utensils, never plastic.
Note that these pans reach higher temperatures than other pans; while in use, the entire pan is hot.

After use:
Wash your pan in warm water, soaking to soften baked-on food. (Avoid the use of detergents)
Dry thoroughly, either by hand or in a warm oven and then wipe a very thin layer of vegetable oil (not olive oil) over the pan with a paper towel. In humid climates, we recommend drying in the oven.
Wrap it in paper, place it in a plastic bag, and store it away from moisture.

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