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A Foodies’ Paradise

A Foodies’ Paradise main image

  • Written by:
    Deepika Sulekh


Chef’s Complements – A Foodies’ Paradise

Kitchenware store, storage solutions and a tourist destination all in one. Unlike any other retail offering in New Zealand, Chef’s Complements has become a one-stop-shop for everything kitchen-related, domestic or commercial.

Brand-new location

In 2017, Chef’s Complements relocated to a whopping 750sqm of visual, inspiring retail space, open seven days. The displays and shelves are brimming with NZ-firsts and products from around the globe with a variety you won’t find anywhere else.

Over 18,000 products

From small appliances and cookware through to cake decorating supplies, you’ll find any kitchen essential. New Zealand’s largest range of KitchenAid and Le Creuset, a massive range of food storage, bakeware, sought-after Trenton International hospitality products and 9 metres of knife cabinets are only some of the cool features you’ll see.

Locals’ favourite

Passion and obsession for cooking is what has kept this business simmering for 17 years. Not just from the team, but the many locals and visitors who leave in awe of what is available. Catering for everyone from the professional chef to the simple self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, it’s become the most-asked-for retail store at iSite.


Now merged with Chef’s Complements, you may not realise you can still get your favourite STAK products here. With its focus on housekeeping, kitchen storage and food-on-the-go solutions, they have everything you need for taking control of untidiness, especially in the kitchen/pantry, but not exclusively! The STAK product range sits within Chef’s Complements, so you can find everything you need under one roof.

Featured on 33Thirty – Autumn 2018