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WÜSTHOF Production – The birth of a WÜSTHOF knife

WÜSTHOF Production – The birth of a WÜSTHOF knife main image

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Made in Solingen. And only in Solingen

Unlike many other manufacturers, in over 200 years of history, we have not succumbed to the temptation of manufacturing in Asia or South America. And there is a simple reason for this: we value the heritage and identity of the City of Blades, Solingen. We believe that quality knives can only be made where high-precision production processes meet traditional craftsmanship: our Trident Works is just such a place.


It takes forty steps to turn a piece of WÜSTHOF steel – a special mixture of chrome, vanadium, molybdenum and stainless steel – into a quality knife. When it comes to very heavy or nanometre-precise work, we use the latest robotics and lasers, but we rely upon our 400 employees when craftsmanship, a good eye, intuition and experience are required. Taken together this means that our customers can be sure that every knife has passed through the hands of a trained specialist.

WÜSTHOF steel – the essence of sharpness

We use a special knife steel for production: it is corrosion-resistant, significantly reduces wear due to its hardness and is easy to resharpen. Our laser-assisted sharpening process also means that the blades offer impressive cutting performance from the get-go.

Our formula for optimum sharpness: X50 Cr MoV 15

X Stainless steel The basic material of our knives
50 Carbon content The 0.5% carbon content is important for the hardness and thus also for the sharpness of the knife
Cr Chrome The additional alloy ensures a particularly high rust resistance in the finished blades
Mo Molybdenum An alloying element that increases the strength and corrosion resistance of our blades
V Vanadium Increases strength and toughness to significantly reduce wear
15 Chromium content An amount of 15%


We produce 1.7 million knives per year, both by hand and with the help of technology. Each and every one of them: Made in Solingen.

We only develop in one way: forwards

Our development department focuses on new manufacturing processes as well as on new materials. For example, over several years of research work WÜSTHOF has developed an innovative forging process that gives us an enormous technological advantage. In addition, thanks to our laser-assisted measuring and grinding processes, we have been able to significantly improve the sharpness of our knives. However, this does not mean that technology dominates our production process. On the contrary, for us, classical craftsmanship and automation go hand in hand. We are particularly proud of the workmanship that naturally couples with high-quality manufacturing for our distinctive knife series.

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