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Pineapple Almond Milk Ice Cream with Lavender Honey

  • Main Ingredient: Pineapple
  • Cook Time: Under 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Serves: 2
  • Recipe by: Le Creuset


  • 1 large ripe pineapple
  • 300ml almond milk, unsweetened
  • 150g lavender honey
  • 1 untreated orange
  • 30g lavender honey
  • ¼ bunch mint
  • 40g sugar
  • 1 tablespoon powdered sugar
  • A little margarine
  • 25g flaked almonds
  • 40g sugar
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1-1/2 tablespoon water
  • 1 small pinch of salt


  • Main Ingredient: Pineapple
  • Cook Time: Under 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Serves: 2
  • Recipe by: Le Creuset


  1. Peel the pineapple and remove the hard core. Cut one-fourth of the pineapple into four thin slices, cover the slices, and set aside. Dice the remaining pineapple (about 700g) and freeze for 4 hours.
  2. Chill the almond milk well. Blend frozen pineapple cubes, almond milk, and honey, then pour into the Le Creuset Loaf Tin. Freeze the ice cream for 1 hour.
  3. Squeeze the juice of one orange, place in a saucepan over medium heat with honey and allow to reduce slightly.
  4. Set aside a few mint leaves for garnish. Finely mix the sugar with the remaining mint leaves or crush them in a mortar and pestle. Dust the pineapple slices with powdered sugar. Fry in margarine on both sides in a grill pan for 1-2 minutes. Meanwhile, let the ice cream thaw for about 5 minutes. Cut off one thick slice and cut in half diagonally. Cover the remaining ice cream and refreeze. Arrange grilled pineapple slices on plates with ice cream on top. Before serving, break the almond brittle into pieces.
  5. Sprinkle with mint sugar, drizzle a little of the honey sauce over each, garnish with brittle and remaining mint, and serve immediately.
  6. To make the almond brittle, heat a Le Creuset 28cm Cast Iron Signature Frying Pan without oil and roast the almond flakes until golden brown.
  7. Place them on a plate and melt the sugar with honey and water in a pan. When the sugar mixture turns golden, add the flaked almonds.
  8. Mix everything together and spread the mixture thinly on baking paper to cool. Break the almond brittle into pieces before serving.

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