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GEFU stands for innovative products, top quality, reliability, sustainable customer benefit, and for the pleasure of cooking and the enjoyment of food. The GEFU brand can be trusted always and everywhere by customers, traders, business partners and employees. This is how it has been, is now and will continue to be.

Cutting. Grating. Slicing. Moulding. Pressing. Barbecuing. Frying. Seasoning. Coffee and Tea. Decorating and Serving. The clearly organised and structured theme worlds from GEFU offer enthusiastic culinary artists just everything their hearts desire. For each occasion and event: from Sunday brunch to a convivial barbecue, from removing cores to preserving fruit and vegetables, from steaming to baking, from breakfast to dinner – and from fine to coarse. In GEFU’s extensive range, enthusiastic cooks and gourmets will not only find everything very easily and quickly but they can simultaneously get inspiration from new ideas and theme-related possibilities.

GEFU is a grounded enterprise closely connected to the region and the location of Eslohe, Germany.

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