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Bisfree Modular

While LocknLock may look similar to many storage containers on the market, they are very unique and upmarket as they have developed a new concept for an interlocking system on all four sides. It makes the container truly airtight and watertight, something that lookalikes cannot claim. LocknLock has now taken it up a notch with the Bisfree Modular range, designed to store even more efficiently by stacking, as well as being BPA-free, and compatible with storage in the freezer/fridge. The Bisfree range is also dishwasher and microwave safe.


Premium airtight plastic containers
A vast range of sizes from small to super large capacity as well as rectangular to square shapes for different kinds of foods, economical use of storage space and extremely stable stacking
The material is Tritan and Bisphenol-A free
Easy to check contents with the clear container and semi-transparent cap
99% antibacterial silicone packing as well as LocknLock’s 4-sides locking system keeping from invisible microbes penetration such as E.coli and mould.