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New Zealand Casings Co.

100% natural sausage casings from New Zealand Sheep & Hog
Proudly family-owned and based in Whakatu, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Luke & Tracy Kavanagh set out to make the best sausage casings in the world for butchers and craft sausage makers who care about where their food comes from, which is why they produce ONLY natural casings and ONLY supply ‘A-Grade’ products. Let’s rid the world of mass-produced, inferior sausages and casings! Every single product is quality checked so you can guarantee the quality is top-notch, they even have a ‘no shorts’ guarantee*. Luke is seriously passionate about the age-old craft of making natural casings and is also a fanatical sausage maker – so he knows his sausage stuff. All their hog comes from New Zealand pigs and their sheep casings are sourced from New Zealand farms, where the animals are grass-fed and free to roam on rolling green hills. NZ Casings Co. supply some of the best butchers and boutique sausage makers around the globe, including some very fussy sausage making Charcuterie’s in France!

Mother Nature does it best – These sausage casings are naturally and perfectly made by Mother Nature, not invented in a science lab. When Mother Nature does it best, why would you mess with it?

Honour the whole animal – Sausages have been made since Ancient Roman times as a way to honour and utilise the whole animal they are sourced from. Less waste, more deliciousness. Now that’s smart.

Never trust a straight sausage! – Your sausage should always “smile”, and only sausages made with natural sausage casings smile. Don’t get tricked by those straight collagen casings. They’re the wurst!

Casings – the hidden super-hero of every sausage

These natural sausage casings are all pre-tubed for easy transfer and no annoying tangles. They have an amazing ‘semipermeable’ wall that breathes, meaning none of your special sausage juices escape but all of the beautiful BBQ/cooking flavours are absorbed resulting in more juicy, more flavoursome sausages. They’re also nice and looooooong (min 8m) which makes sausage making much faster, and less mess! A benefit of natural casings is they have a delicate ‘bite’, the best sausage ‘pop’ and the trademark “smile” that you can only get from a natural sausage.

No Shorts Guarantee!*

‘Shorts’ are any short off-cuts of sausage casings that could be as short as 2ft. There are a number of manufacturers out there who cheekily package and sell these off to unsuspecting sossie makers. What that means for you is more time, more waste, more mess and poor value for money.

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