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Airtender Food & Wine Vacuum Gift Box


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Punch the lid, place a Nanostopper and pump out the air to keep food fresh 5x longer. PS: You can also vacuum wine bottles with the Vacuum Pump and stopper.

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Transform any glass jar into the perfect vacuum container super fast with this set. Durable and… free!

Because you use glass jars, you buy at the supermarket anyway. How? With the included Lid Punch, you can quickly and safely make a hole in a metal lid. Insert the Nanostopper and use the Vacuum Pump to pump out the air. In doing so, you retain flavour, freshness and nutrients up to 5 times longer.

Vacuum sealing removes oxygen, which slows down the growth of many fungi and bacteria, so your food will stay fresh and last longer. Pickle jars, pasta sauce bottles, jam jars… The glass jars that you get with your shopping are absolutely perfect for food storage. They’re sustainable, durable, food-safe and FREE! No more need for discarding them.

Punch the lid, place a Nanostopper and pump out the air to keep food fresh 5x longer. PS: with the Vacuum Pump and stopper, you can also vacuum wine bottles.


  • Transform any glass jar into the perfect vacuum container super fast
  • Set includes
    • a Lid Punch to quickly and safely make a hole in a metal lid.
    • a Vacuum Pump to pump out the air.
    • 6 reusable Nanostoppers
    • Storage wheel to neatly keep all your Nanostoppers together
  • Dishwasher safe – top rack
  • BPA Free

PS: with the Vacuum Pump and stopper, you can also vacuum wine bottles.

The Nanostopper is dishwasher safe and can simply be run on a standard setting. In addition, the Nanostopper can also be boiled at 100 degrees for 5 minutes.

On the Airtender Electric we give a factory warranty of 2 years. The hand pumps have an extended warranty of 5 years. This means that, if a defect occurs due to a manufacturing fault, you will be sent a free replacement item, or your Airtender product will be repaired free of charge.

Sure! There are no different types of Nanostoppers, they are all interchangeable and usable for different applications.

Should you need more, they are also available separately as a set.

This can be due to a number of factors:

* Is the lid dry and clean and properly tightened before vacuuming? This is because it can happen that a lid is just not properly sealed and therefore air escapes. This can also cause the Nanostopper to pop back up. This can also happen if there is food in the jar that is producing gas or is still fermenting.

* Is the lid or the rim of the lid perhaps bent? Trying another lid of the same brand may help. Also, some lids have multiple vacuum rings. Then if the hole for the Nanostopper is not properly centered, vacuuming may fail. In addition, the lid should also have a silicone interior.

* Have the contents of the jar or bottle come into contact with the Nanostopper or the lid? Then the valve can no longer close properly. Thoroughly cleaning and drying the Nanostopper can help. The Nanostoppers can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Yes, basically all airtight jars are suitable for use with Nanostopper. Especially glass jars with a metal lid are very suitable, because they are made for vacuum, are durable and can handle the vacuum well.

These jars also come from production under vacuum, which you can hear by the characteristic “plop” at the first opening. If you do not hear this sound, then there is something is with the jar and most likely with the contents. With Nanostopper you can restore the vacuum by making a hole in the lid with the Lid Punch perforator.

Jars made of plastic or jars with a plastic lid are basically not suitable, this is due to the strength and rigidity of jar and lid. For example, a plastic jar can dent when vacuumed strongly and a plastic lid can tear when perforated and therefore cannot be vacuumed.

Also, a jar of peanut butter or chocolate spread does not seal airtight from the factory and because of this, it cannot be vacuumed.

The Nanostopper uses an ingenious system to hermetically seal, but also immediately serves as a vacuum indicator.

You can tell from the stopper whether the bottle or jar is under vacuum when the stopper lies completely flat on the bottle neck or jar lid. If the top part of the stopper “floats” above the lid or bottle neck, then the vacuum is broken. So you can always tell from a distance if there is still a vacuum!

If a jar is not tightened properly, then you may not hear the signal from vacuum pump. This may be because the lid on the jar is not tightened properly. Then try again until you hear three or more clicks. This can also be repeated several times.

With the vacuum pump and the Nanostopper, you can create a vacuum in bottles and jars by removing air. By doing so, you also remove oxygen, which is one of the main elements that cause loss of flavour and food spoilage. Less oxygen means less oxidation and therefore, flavour and freshness will be preserved longer.

Note that there are more factors that contribute to food aging and spoilage, including temperature and the condition of the food before vacuuming. Maintain good hygiene and adhere to safe food handling guidelines

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