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The Sourdough Home is designed to heat or cool to keep your starter at the perfect temperature.

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Use precise temperatures to store and control your starter like never before.

The Sourdough Home is designed to heat or cool to keep your starter at the perfect temperature. Feed your starter on your schedule: from twice a day to once a week. Change the temperature to adjust the flavour profile, aroma, and texture of your bread.

You’ll never get such precise temperature controls from your fridge as the Sourdough Home does.

Great bread begins with a great starter

When it comes to sourdough starter, temperature is everything. The complex mix of microbes that cause bread to rise – and give your bread that distinctive taste and aroma – are extremely sensitive to temperature.


To maintain a stable temperature, the Sourdough Home constantly adjusts the heating or cooling power. Temperature settings close to the ambient room temperature will require a very small amount of power, while temperature settings significantly above or below room temperature will require more power.

  • Degree-by-degree setpoints from 5-50°C
  • Fits a single 1 litre jar or 2 small jars
  • Two shelves for flexible storage of small items
  • 3-year Limited Warranty (with registration)
  • Temperature range: 5-50°C
  • Outside Dimensions: 28x23x25 cm
  • Inside Dimensions: 19x13x14 cm
  • Power: 100-240V (NZ electrical compliant with NZ cord)
  • Weight: 1.86 kg
  • Maximum Power Usage Cooling mode: 38W
  • Maximum Power Usage Heating mode: 20W

Note: The perfect container size for storing your starter in the Sourdough Home is the Sistema Klip It Plus Round 1L.

The folding proofer, was a novel home-made gift from Brod & Taylor’s founder, Michael Taylor, to his elderly mother-in-law. She needed a reliable way to rise bread in her small – often cold – South Dakota kitchen. Requests from other bakers soon followed. So began his quest to develop a proofer that could be built for everyone. And of course, it had to fold for easy storage. A seemingly endless process of designs, prototypes and tests finally led to the first Folding Proofers hitting the market in 2012.

Support for José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen: A portion of Brød and Taylor sales help fund World Central Kitchen and their mission to help communities and economies using the power of food.



Sourdough starter is a living colony of yeast and good bacteria. Like any living thing, it needs to eat – just flour and water. Feeding your starter the proper ingredients at the right time is the first step in creating great sourdough bread. Using the precise temperature control of the Sourdough Home, you can adjust starter feeding times to meet your schedule.

As the starter ferments and grows, it creates CO2 bubbles that cause the mixture to rise in its container. The ideal time to feed the starter is when the rise has peaked – all of its food has been consumed – and before it begins to fall again. By using a constant seed ratio (quantity of flour and water) and controlling the temperature, you can control the feeding schedule to hours, days or even a week. Use the guidelines below to get started.

Temperature Time to Feed Seed Ratio
7°C / 45°F 5 Days / 120 Hours 1:4:4
10°C / 50°F 3 days / 72 hours 1:4:4
12°C / 54°F 2 days / 48 hours 1:4:4
20°C / 68°F 1 day / 24 hours 1:4:4


Seed Ratio: This is the ratio of active culture to fresh flour and water. The more active culture used, the faster your starter will grow and peak. For daily maintenance, a 1:4:4 ratio will keep your starter thriving without growing too fast.

Note: Your starter may vary slightly from these results depending on the flour used and the specifics of your culture.

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