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Le Creuset Stoneware Rectangular Dish Rhône (2 Sizes)


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Thanks to their enamelling expertise, the Le Creuset rectangle dish stoneware is durable, the enamelled surface resists staining, chipping, and cracking, and it is easy to clean. 10-year guarantee

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The Le Creuset Stoneware Rectangular Dishes are extremely versatile dishes and true kitchen essentials

Its rectangular shape fits all sorts of ingredients, making it a very versatile piece for your everyday roasting, baking, marinating and serving.

Easy-grip scalloped handles mean it’s safe and effortless to move around, while deep side walls bring you plenty of cooking space. Thanks to their enamelling expertise, the stoneware is durable, the enamelled surface resists staining, chipping, and cracking, and it is easy to clean. Providing a hygienic surface will not absorb odours or flavours.

Made from specialist clays and fired at the highest temperatures, all Le Creuset stoneware is strong and durable, so much so that they offer a 10-year guarantee on every piece.

Le Creuset stoneware cookware range is a versatile collection of colour-co-ordinated, oven-to-table pieces. Available in a range of different colours and sizes!


  • Grill, microwave and oven-safe
  • Enamelled surface resists staining, chipping and cracking*
  • Use hot or cold: the stoneware is thermoresistant from -23°C to +260°C*
  • Will not absorb odours or flavours.
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 10-Year Warranty

*See care instructions


  • 26 cm | capacity 2.3 L
  • 32 cm | capacity 3.85 L

For more information on how to use and care for your Le Creuset products, visit our Le Creuset Guide for a more in-depth understanding. Find out how these pieces are made, what makes them unique and why you should invest in Le Creuset!

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26cm, 32cm






Dishwasher Safe, Oven-Safe

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Wait for your product to cool down before you start cleaning it.
  • Wipe any leftovers off the base and sides of the product. If there’s food stuck on, fill the product with warm, soapy water and let it soak for 15 to 20 minutes before washing as usual.
  • Wash and dry by hand. Or pop your stoneware in the dishwasher for a full cycle.


  • Stay protected – always use oven gloves when handling anything hot.
  • When using under the grill, always allow at least a 6.5 cm (2 ½ inch) gap between the heat source and the top of your product.
  • Don’t put a frozen dish of food in a preheated oven. Instead, place it in a cold oven, set the temperature and allow the two to heat up together.
  • Before serving, always check food is piping hot throughout. If you want to heat a dish that’s currently at room temperature, don’t preheat your oven above 205°C (that’s 400°F).
  • Adding liquid to a dish in the oven? Take the dish out of the oven and allow it to cool for a few minutes first.

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