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Magimix Compact 3200 XL Red Food Processor


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Invented by Magimix and manufactured entirely in France, the multifunction food processor has become an invaluable help for everyday cooking and special gourmet occasions.
Adapted from commercial food processors, the Magimix remains unsurpassed as the world leader in food processors since 1971. Fast, versatile and very simple to use, Magimix is like a second pair of hands in the kitchen. Magimix has a unique ‘auto-select’ commercial grade induction motor which makes it all so easy and quiet. It automatically adjusts the power to provide the right speed whatever the job. It’s as simple as that. Designed to work better, last longer & now with a 30 year motor & 3 year parts guarantee.

Grating carrots or potatoes, slicing cucumbers or tomatoes, chopping meat, blending soups, whizzing up milkshakes, emulsifying sauces, kneading brioche, bread dough or shortcrust pastry, whipping cream or whisking egg whites.

Just 3 buttons to access all functions.
Motor automatically adjusts its power for each task.
A recipe book tailored to each model.
Accessory box provides safe compact storage.

All our food processors are manufactured in France.
Their ultra-quiet, energy-efficient, commercial grade motors carry a 30-year warranty.
Serrated Sabatier stainless steel blades are made in France and stay sharper longer.

3 bowls:
Main Bowl, ideal to prepare larger quantities.
Midi Bowl, ideal to grate and slice.
Mini Bowl, for smaller quantities and comes with its own specific serrated stainless steel blade.
Each bowl operates independently allowing tasks to be carried out in quick succession.

650 Watt motor
2.6L main bowl
2.2L midi bowl
1.2L mini bowl
Extra wide feed tube
Sabatier stainless steel blade
2mm slicing & 2mm grating disc
4mm slicing & 4mm grating disc
Dough blade
Egg whisk
Storage box
Recipe book
30 year motor & 3 year parts guarantee. (domestic use)

Optional accessories: Dice and French fry kit, parmesan disc, creative kit, SmoothieMix kit, mash and puree kit, dough bowl kit, 6mm slicer, 6mm grater, julienne disc, 6 disc holder, juice extractor and citrus press.

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