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Victorinox Swibo Butchers Knife 31cm


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Chances are, if you open your kitchen drawers you’ll find a little Victorinox knife somewhere. Most likely, it’s one of your favourites too. And that’s for a good reason: Victorinox knives are probably the most well-known knife brand worldwide. Made in Ibach-Schwyz and Delemont in Switzerland, their range of household and professional kitchen tools (not to forget their famous Swiss Army Knives) all started over 135 years ago, in 1884. All Victorinox steel blades are made from 100% recycled, martensitic stainless steel. This steel provides optimum function & durability and delivers the perfect combination of cutting edge retention and corrosion protection. The blades should also be flexible so it does not break during use.

Health & Safety is a top priority for Victorinox. The bright yellow handles of the Swibo range ensure your knives are easy to spot, even in a busy working environment. The handle, which extends further toward the blade provides extra safety. Victorinox “Swibo” is a series for professional use, and well known in the trade for decades. The extension of the handle at the blade intersection maximises safety in use. Swibo knives are dishwasher safe and can be sterilised. The handles of the Swibo range are made of Polyamide. Polyamide is extremely strong and combines excellent rigidity with high impact strength. Its benefits include good abrasion resistance and sliding properties, can be sterilised and is suitable for use at temperatures of up to 80 – 110°C.

This knife is the classic bullnose butchers knife with a stiff blade of 31cm. It is a universal knife for the largest cutting and chopping tasks. Combining a sharp blade with an ergonomic and non-slip colourful handle, it gives you the agility and cutting power needed to perform the job with precision.


  • Blade length: 31cm
  • With a non-slip, ergonomic bright yellow handle and a strong bullnose blade


Use & Care

Maintain sharpness by regularly using a sharpening steel, honing steel or knife sharpener (excluding serrated edge knives). Cut on a non-abrasive surface such as wood, bamboo or plastic. Avoid cutting frozen food. Store your knives in a knife block or on a knife magnet, never store loose knives without edge protection in a drawer, this will dull the knives rapidly.

Dishwasher safe but hand wash recommended

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