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Making Ice Cream at Home!

Making ice cream, it's easier than you think!

With the summer heat lurking around the corner, keeping cool will soon be on everyone’s mind. And what better way to tackle the rising temperatures than with ice cream?

Make ice cream at home and save money!

New Zealanders love their ice cream.

In fact, New Zealand leads the world in ice cream consumption with a per capita consumption of 28.4 litres per year. New Zealand’s ice cream manufacturers are highly innovative as they try to create an edge for themselves in the market. The stiff competition has led to the creation of flavours such as hokey pokey, the second most popular flavour in the nation after vanilla.

Using this website for statistics on current ice cream pricing in New Zealand, the current average retail price in bulk per 2-litres of ice cream is $6.32. (Keep in mind, that is the bulk and the average price, some of us buy 500ml cartons or smaller for well over $10.00, making the price for some households over $40 for just 2 litres!)

Based on the average retail price of $6.32 for 2-Litres and the average kiwi eating 28.4L a year that means we spend $89.74 per person a year. If you’re a household that likes to buy the ‘premium desserts’ at $10 for 500ml, this figure ends up at $568 per person a year! That’s well over $2,000 a year for a family of 4 buying premium ice creams.

Seeing these figures, it’s easy to see how investing in an ice cream machine, even though it may be a larger upfront payment, you’ll save money down the years.

You choose the flavours and dietary requirements

What’s better than delicious homemade ice cream, sorbet or frozen yoghurt?

Nothing!…except knowing the list of all the ingredients. If eating wholesome foods is on your agenda, then making your own ice cream should be on that list also. Not only is it a saver on the wallet over time, but it is surprisingly easy and you get to pick every ingredient that goes into the maker. Make it sugar-free, vegan, traditional or fancy, the choice is yours! With the following makers, an endless variety of traditional to daring flavours will be at your fingertip.

You can choose from entry-level to commercial-grade appliances, attachments for your KitchenAid stand-up mixer or get creative with versatile tools such as Magimix or Vitamix (see how to make frozen desserts in a Vitamix blender here). Without a doubt, homemade Ice Cream is the perfect quick & easy sweet treat for when the sun is shining, and the heat is rising. Get chilling!

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