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Peugeot – What should I do if my mill isn’t working?

Peugeot – What should I do if my mill isn’t working? main image

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Mills in general:

  • If the mill is empty, fill the reservoir with the appropriate spice.
  • The mill has been filled with the wrong spice. Empty the reservoir and replace the content with the appropriate spice.

The wet sea salt mechanism:

  • Do not attempt to grind sea salt that is too wet. If it is too wet, then remove it from the mill and leave it to air dry for 24-48 hours before filling the mill.
  • What if the ground salt has stopped coming out? Damp salt can tend to stick to the mechanism. If this happens, loosen the top knob and tap the mill to free up the mechanism, then reset and use the mill.

Electric mill

What if the light no longer shines?

  • Check that the reservoir contacts and the motor unit contacts are clean; clean them with a dry cloth if necessary.
  • Ensure that the bulb is in place. If it is in place, it may not be making contact so remove re reinsert it.
  • The light bulb is missing or has burnt out. If burnt out, remove it by pulling. Replace the missing or burnt out bulb by inserting the spare bulb into the slot.


The motor is working but the mill does not grind:

  • Check that the compartment contains enough of the appropriate spice for the mill


The motor is not working:

  • First, replace the batteries. If the mill still does not work, it must be returned to us.


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