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Introducing the revolutionary, new & exclusive SCANPAN STRATANIUM; The future coating of all SCANPAN’s Non-Stick Cookware.

STRATANIUM is an ultra-advanced 5-layer coating which produces a great improvement in food release (for easy serving and clean up), exceptional searing results, hardness and durability. An industry-leading technology that has been in research and development for 10 years, STRATANIUM is characterised by multiple layers of non-stick finish including small and large micro-textured hard-particles that interlock with the thermal sprayed layers and reinforce the non-stick coating. With the introduction of this new coating, Scanpan once again breaks the boundaries of what a non-stick surface can do. There is also an advanced new coating to this called STRATANIUM Plus which features on Scanpan’s top-end ranges; HaptIQ and TechnIQ. This coating provides the home chef with an almost indestructible non-stick commercial-grade surface.

What does this all mean?

This layering makes it possible to increase the total thickness and provides 30% improved non-stick effect, hardness and product life. (30% isn’t an overly high number, but, when you take into account how effective and world-leading SCANPAN non-stick previously was…IT’S MASSIVE!). The result of this unique combination is outstanding high-performance cookware which can sear, brown and even create a beautiful crust. All SCANPAN non-stick cookware is handcrafted in Denmark from environmentally friendly 100% recycled aluminium; is PFOA free and oven safe to 260°C with even heat distribution and unsurpassed durability. Also, clean up has never been easier with this easy release non-stick surface.



Non-stick cookware for all your culinary tasks

Safe Sustainable Healthy Cooking

Non-stick for healthier cooking without the need for oil or fat


Non-stick that is metal utensil safe and built to last


Did you know?

  • The aluminium bodies of SCANPAN are made from 100% recycled purified high-grade aluminium which produces 95% less waste and only requires 10% of the energy compared to using newly sourced ‘pure’ aluminium.
  • Squeeze cast pans are the strongest and most energy-efficient cooking surface that will not warp.
  • SCANPAN cookware is guaranteed against material and manufacturing defects for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase. Invest in quality, care for your cookware and it will last many years to come.
  • Every pan passes through human hands 8 times during the factory process to ensure they meet their quality requirements and the customers’ culinary needs. As with all SCANPAN cookware, STRATANIUM remains PFOA free throughout the entire manufacturing process.



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