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SCANPAN Ultimate Cookware Guide

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    Chef's Complements


Here at Chef’s Complements, we stock a range of Scanpan’s top-of-the-line cookware ranges including the premium range of HaptIQ.

All the ranges we stock in full are Axis, Coppernox, HaptIQ, Pro IQ, & TechnIQ. We also carry a few selected pieces in the Classic & Impact ranges. This Guide will show you the differences between these Scanpan ranges as well as a few other ranges available elsewhere.

Scanpan offers multiple ranges of non-stick cookware as well as steel, cast iron and more. Let’s take a look at what these are.

Non-Stick Cookware


Stainless/Copper Cookware


Stainless Steel Cookware

  • Classic Inox
  • Clad 5
  • Commercial
  • Impact


Cast Iron Cookware


Non-Stick Ranges


The Perfect Choice for Everyday Use

The CLASSIC series features the most extensive range of nonstick cookware in the market and is specifically designed for gas and ceramic stovetops. The timeless design is suitable for everyday use – year after year. The series’ squeeze cast base ensures even heat distribution, giving the pots and pans excellent boiling and frying properties. And the unique non-stick coating makes both cooking and cleaning a pleasure.

Classic Induction

The Classic Look with Induction Capability

The CLASSIC INDUCTION series is a limited selection of nonstick cookware with induction capability which features energy-saving technology. The range has the latest, new and exclusive Stratanium non-stick coating! The revolutionary coating combines exceptional non-stick properties, wear resistance and unique frying properties in one. Hand crafted in Denmark from environmentally friendly, recycled aluminium, PFOA free, oven safe to 260°C with even heat distribution and unsurpassed durability. The squeeze-cast base delivers even heat distribution and low energy consumption. The stay-cool Bakelite handles are secured by a patented locking system without rivets, screws or springs for maximum durability.


High-Performance Nonstick with Maximum Functionality

The CS+ Series features revolutionary commercial-grade nonstick, STRATANIUM+, in a beautiful brushed stainless steel and aluminium body. CS+ has a micro-textured surface for incredible searing and is compatible with all cooktops.


The Ultimate in Danish Cookware

The CTX series includes an exclusive collection of pots, pans and saucepans for the quality conscious cook. CTX’s beautiful satin-finished stainless steel exterior makes it one of the most renowned ranges within Danish cookware. SCANPAN CTX collection is top of the class with its multiple layers, non-stick technology, and elegant appearance with induction capability. CTX has a 3 ply/5 layer construction with stainless steel and pure aluminium at its core. Altogether, the superior multi-ply construction of CTX allows quick and efficient transfer of heat evenly over the entire body of the pan. Cast stainless steel handles secured by rivets, are designed to stay cooler longer. Ovenproof to 260°C and PFOA free, the CTX range is SCANPAN at its best!


HaptIQ – for those with bigger ambitions for their kitchen

The new HaptIQ series from SCANPAN is thoroughbred cookware for the discerning and demanding, featuring STRATANIUM+, the innovative professional-grade non-stick coating. It is for those seeking the sublime in their kitchen, and who love design details that are coupled with an elegant and exclusive look. The sleek, polished surfaces give the series a unique look, bringing energy and class to your kitchen. The series is also decorative and easy on the eye, when pots and pans are on display in the kitchen between use. HaptIQ has all you need for your kitchen – frying pans, pots, pans, wok. And the entire range can be used on all heat sources, including induction. The frying structure is a composite five-layer construction, all of which contribute to the cooking equipment’s strength and characteristics. A steel layer increases durability and makes the cooking equipment suitable for induction, while an aluminium core contributes to optimal heat distribution.


Danish Design and Professional Performance

The PRO IQ series features an assortment of high-quality cookware with induction capability. Made from 100% recycled aluminium, it is squeeze cast for quick and even heat distribution and is good for the environment. It has SCANPAN’s exclusive non-stick coating that is PFOA-free. Quality stainless steel trims including ergonomic handles and knobs that are both attractive and practical complimented by glass-domed lids with vents. Designed and made in Denmark, Pro IQ is suitable for all cooktops including induction.


Developed with and inspired by professional chefs

The TechnIQ series features the revolutionary commercial-grade nonstick, STRATANIUM+. TechnIQ was shaped by intellectual curiosity to provide improved ergonomics and optimal features. Developed with and inspired by professional chefs, TechnIQ cookware is crafted to last a lifetime. With a basic new technology, SCANPAN have succeeded in creating a surface that surpasses all the past in terms of hardness and thus strength and durability. Designed for use on all cooktops including induction.

Scanpan Non-Stick Series Comparison Chart

As you can see, ALL Scanpan Non-Stick ranges are made in Denmark with 100% recycled materials and offer a 10-year guarantee. They also all feature a PFOA-free non-stick coating and are suitable in the oven up to 260°C and allow the use of metal utensils. Across the different series, you can decide what range is best for you and your kitchen based on the construction, non-stick coating, exterior finish, and other details.

* The ranges that show Ceramic Titanium/Stratanium for their non-stick coating will eventually undergo a change. At present at the time of writing, they feature the Scanpan exclusive ceramic-titanium coating but are swapping to an improved Stratanium coating. This new coating provides 30% improved non-stick effect, hardness and product life. (30% isn’t an overly high number, but, when you take into account how effective and world-leading SCANPAN non-stick previously was…IT’S MASSIVE!) Read about the Stratanium non-stick coating here.