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Discover the faces of WÜSTHOF

Discover the faces of WÜSTHOF main image

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For 200 years WÜSTHOF has created the world’s best knives, the standout tools spotted in the hands of top chefs in the world’s renowned restaurants. Today they want to celebrate the millions of home cooks who also rely on WÜSTHOF. For them, cooking is an act of love, and WÜSTHOF makes their experiments, their discoveries, and their special moments with family and friends possible.

Dallas Green

As a popular DJ Dallas travelled widely. That meant he ate widely as well, and he loved all the different cuisines he encountered. It sparked a genuine interest in cooking as a way to recreate the wonderful tastes he enjoyed. Once an eager novice, today he’s quite adept in the kitchen. Now he’s taken his love for a world of different tastes to a new level by creating a popular food truck as a way of spreading his take on great food

What are your guiding principles?
I cook to make bellies happy, but I know people eat with their eyes first. So I feel that the visual presentation of how I cut and carve is an essential part of how I prepare food.

What inspires you?
I want people to experience foods that they probably would never, ever try. So I want people to trust me enough to say, “I’m going to try this for the first time.” And they’ll find out they’ll like it.

What do you look for in a knife?
My hands are pretty large, so when I pick up a knife the first thing I check for is balance. Because the balance lets me know how much pressure or force I need to put into the knife. So you learn to let the knife do the work.

What‘s your moment?
My moment is hanging out on a boat with my friends catching fish. My WÜSTHOF is the Classic Ikon Fillet Knife.

Dallas’ Favourite Knife

A Classic Ikon Fillet Knife has a very thin flexible blade used for deboning and filleting fish. The long narrow blade enables the knife to move smoothly along the backbone of the fish and easily removes the fish skin.

Jens Harald Herzberg

Jens Harald truly enjoys time spent prepping in the kitchen. For him, it’s a prelude to a meal that might showcase a particular cut of meat in the best possible way. He’s a self-taught enthusiast, and his friends regard him as a wonderful cook. He always travels with his knives because he’s particular about what he works with and he prefers to rely on the tools he knows and trusts.

How has your cooking evolved?
When I started cooking, I heavily relied on recipes and I didn’t know anything. But after a while, I got a feeling for it and I knew what I had to do intuitively.

What do you think about at the cutting board?
You can do a cut only once, so that’s a singular experience. Once you’ve cut something, it’s cut. You cannot uncut it. I have to pay respect to what I’m cutting. So I’m careful and thoughtful.

What are your thoughts on knives?
A knife, in its simplicity — it’s just a handle and a blade — I think it’s one of the oldest tools mankind has ever used. And yet today there are still ways to find even more perfection in creating a blade. I think that’s just astonishing.

What’s your moment?
My moment is the sizzling on top of a steak on the grill. My WÜSTHOF is the Super Slicer.

Jens’ Favourite Knife

Ideal for cutting clean slices through as many different ingredients as possible: for large fruits and vegetables, meat or a smooth cut through cakes, pies and breads, the outwardly-curved, serrated edge of the Super Slicer blade allows for very fine cuts and prevents the foodstuffs from tearing or crumbling.

Courtney Smith


Courtney cooks to express herself, but even more so to show her love for family and close friends. She’s so good at it that her extended family, all of whom live nearby, rely on her when it comes to cooking for gatherings. She’s the boss. She’s taken a talent for art (she’s a former art teacher) and found a new way of expressing herself in the beautifully styled cheese plates she creates.

Where did your passion for cooking come from?
I went to art school and taught art for many years. Cooking for me is a very creative activity.

What do you think about at the cutting board?
I’m a busy mom, and cutting and food prep is the only time when I’m just completely focused. I’ve got food in front of me and the knife in my hand. It’s meditative.

Let’s talk about creativity in the kitchen?
When I’m cutting food and cooking, I’m changing it — transforming it into something different. To me, it’s similar to the process of making art. Cooking is my love language — it’s the best way I can say “I love you.”

What does having a good knife mean?
A good knife is a treasure. I would hope my sons would want to use this knife that their mother used to cut with. It would make me proud.

What’s your moment?
My moment is breaking bread with my family. My WÜSTHOF is the Classic double-serrated bread knife.

Courtney’s Favourite Knife

The Classic 23cm double-serrated bread knife has double the number of serrations or a serration within the serration. The design of the double-serrated bread knife glides through crusty bread with minimal crumbs without damaging the inside. This knife can also be used on delicate produce or even angel food cake.

Maureen Tan

While we all cook to nourish ourselves, Maureen cooks to connect as well. For her cooking is a way of staying connected to her family roots and Asian heritage, but more particularly it’s a way of staying connected to her late mother, the person who taught her to cook. Once a tiny sous chef in her mother’s home kitchen, Maureen teaches cooking to spread the love and knowledge that her mother communicated to her years ago.

How did you get started cooking?
I used to help my mom in the kitchen when I was only seven. I cut shallots and garlic, and she wanted them sliced paper-thin. Even now I can still hear her voice and I slice very finely to make her proud of me.

What do you think about at the cutting board?
I’m a busy mom, and cutting and food prep is the only time when I’m just completely focused. I’ve got food in front of me and the knife in my hand. It’s meditative.

How do knives make a difference?
It’s very important to have good knives because you have to cut the ingredients in different ways for different Indonesian dishes.

What’s your moment?
My moment is when I decide what to cook for my family. My WÜSTHOF is the 17cm Santoku.

Maureen’s Favourite Knife

The 17cm hollow edge Santoku knife is designed with a thinner blade than the traditional chef’s knife, at a 10 cutting edge, and gradually curves up at the very end providing a straighter edge. The hollow edge is crafted with evenly spaced vertical indentations, which create small air pockets between the blade and the food. These small air pockets gently push food off the blade and reduce friction and drag. This knife allows cooks to effortlessly prep a wide array of fresh produce, including starchy vegetables like potatoes, which tend to stick to a knife’s blade.

Keith Green

What motivates your cooking?
I’ve always known that I cook to thrill. It’s that “Wow” you get when that platter is finally put in front of your family and your friends that make it all worthwhile.

What do you think about at the cutting board?
When you pick up that knife and you put the tomato down on the cutting board, it isn’t just about slicing a tomato. It’s about the beginning of creating a meal, and you feel it from the minute you grab that knife.

Let’s talk about knives.
I don’t know whether we fit our hands to the knives, or we choose knives that fit our hands, but if you’re comfortable with your knife, you’re secure. And you’re thinking about what you’re making, not what you’re cutting.

What’s your moment?
My moment is that very first cut. My WÜSTHOF is the Aeon 20cm cook’s knife.

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