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100% Pure Platinum Silicone Storage Bags

Fun. Functional. Reusable. Responsible. Stasher’s 100% pure platinum food-grade silicone bags are a healthy alternative to plastic.

100% pure platinum silicone
Pinch-loc™ seal
Dishwasher safe – Place in upper rack for best results or hand wash with soap & warm water. Do not turn inside out as the seal may be compromised.
Microwave safe – To do so, place inside the microwave with the Stasher open.
Freezer safe – Make meals ahead of time & store in Stashers.
Stovetop and sous vide usable – ‘Burp’ first, press the seal firmly closed before placing into the water to heat or cook.
Endlessly reusable
Write on it!

Use soap + water or upper rack of dishwasher. Do not turn the bag inside out, as this can compromise the bag’s sealed edges.

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