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de Buyer Mineral B Country Pan 28cm


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Won’t chip, scratch or peel off. High temperature safe. Good for all hobs including induction. Made in France

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With its durability and versatile performance, it’s easy to understand why the de Buyer Paysanne Mineral B Country Pan is so popular in commercial kitchens. Lighter to use than cast iron, this country pan can be used for different cooking styles: searing, sautéing, browning, simmering. 

Its shape and size are perfect for preparing large quantities and for sautéed potatoes while its high edges reduce splatters when frying meats. The Mineral B Country Pan heavy quality iron, coated for oxidation protection in beeswax, facilitates seasoning, giving it enhanced non-stick qualities when used for the first time.

Do you know about the Maillard Reaction?

Once it reaches temperatures above 140°C, the carbon steel frying pan seals the food on the surface, resulting in the caramelization of the natural juices – the Maillard reaction. A crust forms, preventing moisture from evaporating. The food becomes brown and crusty on the surface, tender and soft in the middle.  Perfect for frying meats and vegetables.


  • 28cm | Length: 52cm
  • No chemicals added – Environment safe production & recyclable
  • Seasoned like cast iron skillets which makes them naturally non-stick
  • Lighter than cast iron frying pans and heat up faster
  • Won’t chip, scratch or peel off
  • Iron molecules from the pan contribute to good health
  • Riveted handle curved in French style: easy handling; ergonomic.
  • Safe to use at high temperatures (unless non-stick skillets)
  • Ideal for all hobs including induction
  • Grill and oven safe 
  • Made in France


Care and UseFirst Use: Clean the frying pan with very hot water.

For MINERAL B ELEMENT®  Since the pan is finished with beeswax, rub the entire pan well to remove the excess wax. There will remain a very thin cover of wax which allows a better seasoning. Then carefully wipe the pan with absorbent paper.

  • Deglaze, rinse with warm water, dry and lightly oil. 
  • Store in a dry place.
  • Do not use detergents or in the dishwasher.





Discover the De Buyers pans and tools, perfectly adapted to gourmets and gourmands, and taste the Made in France

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