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Le Creuset Cast Iron Giant Reversible Grill 40cm


Perfect for feeding large gatherings, either by using the grill or the reverse flat side. Lifetime Guarantee

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Giant, rectangular and super-effective, this grill is perfect for feeding large gatherings.

You’ll love how quick and easy it is to cook on this beauty whether you are using the grill side, or the reverse flat side.  From grilling brochettes, vegetables and sausages to frying eggs, bacon and pancakes for a crowd, this griddle is the tool for you.

The satin black enamel is robust and durable to withstand higher surface temperatures. Whilst the grooves re-create professional seared lines and flavour it simultaneously separates out excess fat, resulting in healthier and delicious dishes. Satin black enamel has excellent easy food release properties, which are enhanced once a natural surface patina develops. Whilst it is not a non-stick surface, once the patina covers the cooking surface the release of foods improves such that little, or no, fats or oils are required for healthier cooking.

Handmade in France since 1925, Le Creuset cast iron is famous the world over and comes with a lifetime warranty! 

Le Creuset Cast Iron is ideal for all hobs (this piece is not induction capable) and offers excellent heat distribution and retention. What’s more, they are oven-, grill-, and freezer-safe. Le Creuset’s cast-iron distributes and retains heat exceptionally evenly. The uniform thickness doesn’t only ensure an optimum all-round cooking performance, it also results in the lightest cast iron on the market and ensures faster heat-up times with great heat control and no hot spots.


  • Reversible 2 cooking sides: One flat + one grooved
  • Grooves separate out excess fat
  • Satin Black enamelled construction
  • Ideal for all hobs (excluding induction for this piece) – Grill and oven safe
  • Superior heat retention keeps food hot at the table while serving
  • The cast-iron construction retains heat for even cooking and browning.
  • 15% lighter than other brands when matching capacity.
  • Handmade in France
  • Lifetime Warranty; The guarantee covers faulty materials or workmanship and applies to all parts of our products



  • Length: 47cm
  • Width: 25.5cm
  • Height: 1.5cm
  • Depth: 0.9cm

For more information on how to use and care for your Le Creuset products visit our Le Creuset Guide for a more in-depth understanding. Find out how these pieces are made, what makes them unique and why you should invest in Le Creuset! For further information on Le Creuset Cast Iron click here

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Please note: that due to the fact that the Giant Reversible Grill has no flat surface, it should not be used on any glass cooking surface or induction stovetop. It is only compatible with electric, ceramic or gas hobs. Using the Giant Reversible Grill on a glass cooking or induction surface will result in damages to the grill and/or the cooking surface.

First off, congratulations on your new piece of Le Creuset! We’d love to see your happy unboxing video or pics of your first meal, make sure to tag us on Instagram! (@chefscomplementsnz)

Before first use

Wash your Le Creuset product in warm, soapy water; then rinse and dry thoroughly.


Stay protected – always use oven gloves when handling anything hot. We recommend using Le Creuset Silicone Tools or wooden/heat-resistant plastic tools. Metal utensils may be used with care but they should not be used harshly or scraped over the cooking surface as this may cause damage. Cooking on medium or low heat gets the best results — even for frying and searing. Let the product heat up gradually for great tasting food that’s cooked evenly. If you do need to use a higher heat, lower the setting once the desired heat has been reached. Never slide the product on any glass-topped hob/stovetop, as this may cause damage to the product base and the glass. Instead, always lift the product on and off, or across the surface.

Satin Black

Satin Black enamel can be found on skillets, grills, frying pans, saute pans, woks, tagines and a number of other speciality dishes. Satin Black enamel has a smooth feel but is not as glossy as other light-coloured interior enamel finishes. It has been specially designed for higher surface temperature cooking, which is not the same as simply using a piece on high heat. With cast iron, higher surface temperatures can be achieved by allowing any piece to heat thoroughly on a medium setting. This makes the satin black interior ideal for frying, grilling and searing. Satin Black enamel will keep its good looks and allow a patina to build on its surface with continued use. A patina is the result of the natural oils and fats from foods baking on to the hot surface. The patina should not be cleaned off, as it enhances the cooking performance and the release of foods. It also reduces the need for surface oiling. With the higher surface temperatures achieved during frying, grilling and searing, sugars and some enzymes will cause caramelization. This not only aids in the retention of moisture and flavour but also produces the sear lines and crusty exterior on grilled meats.


Wait for your product to cool down before you start cleaning it. Wipe any leftovers off the base and sides of the product. If there’s food stuck on, fill the product with warm, soapy water and let it soak for 15 to 20 minutes before washing as usual. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or metal, harsh abrasive or very stiff cleaning pads or brushes on any of the surfaces. Dry well after washing and store in a dry place.


Freezer Compatible

For a full Use & Care Guide and Warranty, check out our Le Creuset Guide

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