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THE BEST Knife Guide Online 2024 – Cut like a pro

Guides Knives

Learn how to buy the best knife on the market, what each type of knife is used for and how...

The 2023 Round Up – The Latest & Greatest at Chef’s Complements

Blog Guides

At Chef's Complements, we welcomed many new, exciting & sought-after products from across the globe and right here in New...

The WORST Gift Ideas to Give This Year


While we proudly boast well over 25,000 items in-store with 17,000 of these online, you're sure to find the perfect...

How to Recalibrate your Digital Thermometer

Cooking Guides

Digital kitchen thermometers are essential tools for precise cooking, but they may require occasional recalibration after years of use or...

Chef’s Blow Torch: An Essential Tool for the Modern Kitchen

Cooking Guides

A blow torch, also known as a kitchen blowtorch, chef's blow torch or culinary blow torch is a handheld cooking...

Using Bialetti Coffee Makers


Bialetti aluminium and stainless steel stovetop coffee makers work on a pressure-based system. Before using the coffeemaker for the first...

Frying Pans, Skillets and Sauté Pans Guide

Cookware Guides

Frying pan, skillet or saute pan, do you know which to choose? Having the right pan for the job can...

Smart Stasher Uses

Guides Outdoors & On the Go

Brace yourselves: Stasher bags aren’t just for meal prep Stasher Bags are great at storing foods, freezing and even cooking...

Le Creuset Guide

Cookware Guides

In 1925 the first Le Creuset casserole was cast from the raw materials of coke, iron and sand at their...

Best Eco-Friendly Cookware Ranges

Cookware Guides

Nowadays it is hard to purchase anything without taking into consideration its environmental impact. Choosing organic food and biodegradable detergents...

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