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Peugeot – Which pepper and which salt can be used?

Peugeot – Which pepper and which salt can be used? main image

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Which sort of pepper should be used?

To get the best results, we recommend you to use only dry, hard, whole peppercorns that are 5 mm (1/4″) or less in diameter. Black, white and dry green peppercorns can be ground in Peugeot pepper mills. The pink berries can be ground only if in a blend (max 15% pink) with one of these other peppercorns. Dried coriander seeds is also suitable for the pepper mechanism.

Which salt should be used?

To get the best out of your Peugeot salt grinding mechanism, you should use dry, coarse salts, with a diameter of 4 mm (0.16″)

  • Sea Salt
  • Rock salts (white, pink or blue, mined from an underground salt seam). Only use your mill for these dry salts. (Not Himalayan)


Do not use your Peugeot salt mill for grinding:

  • Pepper or any other spice.
  • Damp sea salt, also known as grey salt, (Guérande, Ré, etc.). That is because its moisture content is so high that it will corrode the mill.


The Peugeot wet salt mechanism has been designed for grinding damp sea salt – also known as grey salt (from Guérande, Ré, etc.). It resists salt corrosion through the use of specialized materials.

Note: very wet sea salt will not grind. If the salt is too wet, leave it to air dry for 24-48 hours before filling the mill

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