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Kai Whetstone Sharpening Aid

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Kai Whetstone Sharpening Aid helps you achieve the correct angle each time you sharpen on a whetstone. Made in Japan

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A sharpening Aid to help you achieve the correct angle each time you sharpen on a whetstone.

Carefully slide the Kai Whetstone Sharpening Aid onto the spine of your Kai knife. The aid will assist with providing the correct angle to grind your knife on the whetstone.

How to use:

  • Turn the knife over so the spine of the blade is facing down. Place the Sharpening Aid on the tip of the blade at around a 45 degree angle
  • Slowly slide it along the spine of the knife, angling up until it fits the spine of the knife. Be careful not to touch the tip or edge
  • To keep the correct angle for sharpening, hold the product tightly with your fingers to the surface of the whetstone
  • The Sharpening Aid will wear over repetitive use and need to be replaced


  • Recommended for Kai and all professional knives.
  • Nylon (heat resistance to 140 degrees C)
  • Designed to give you the correct angle when sharpening
  • Made in Japan

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Handling Instructions:

  • Do not place near heat or fire, it may distort or melt
  • Be careful of the knife’s edge when placing on the blade or removing
  • Do not use in the dishwasher

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