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Global G-38 Diamond Sharpening Steel 26cm


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This Global Diamond Sharpening ‘Steel’ allows you to sharpen your knife using the western method of sharpening

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The best way to sharpen any knives, not just Global is by whetstone. But for fine-tuning and honing you can use Global ceramic and diamond steels. Some do prefer to do full sharpening with these ceramic and diamond steels, but for optimum and most consistent results Global recommend Minosharp Whetstones. Global ceramic and diamond rods are used in the same way that traditional steels are used to sharpen other knives and, as they are made from the two hardest materials known to man, are suitable for sharpening all good quality knives. The diamond rod is harder than the ceramic rod and will bring back a knife edge quicker. The diamond rod also will not break if it is hit or dropped, unlike the ceramic rod. However, the ceramic rod will give a finer edge if used regularly.

This Global Diamond Sharpening ‘Steel’ allows you to sharpen your knife using the western method of sharpening. If you’re a seasoned chef that has been using sharpening poles then this would be a better alternative to other brands of Sharpening steels and would give you a more superior edge. The diamond dust does eventually begin to come off but can last up to 10 to 20 years for the home user and around a few years in a professional kitchen. Please note that it is great for sharpening and keeping an edge but it cannot make a completely dull blade sharp, for that we recommend a whetstone.

  • Length 26cm
  • Made in Japan


Check out Global’s Care Guide for instructions on sharpening, storing, cleaning and washing Global Knives.

NOTE: Do not use traditional steels made from other materials as they are likely to damage Global knives.

From knife construction and testing to the story of Global, all the way to the comparisons between each series of knives, visit our in-depth Guide to Global to learn everything you need to know before buying!

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