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WÜSTHOF Classic Ikon Cooks Knife 23cm


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Perfectly balanced, an extension of your hand. Ergonomic handle design developed in consultation with professional chefs.

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WÜSTHOF CLASSIC IKON – Extraordinary blades for the perfectionist

200 years of craftsmanship. Timeless design. Reliable performance.

When preparing a meal for family, friends, or yourself, compromise is not an option. WÜSTHOF Classic Ikon combines exquisite design with thoughtful features to deliver exceptional performance – and delicious results. The series offers fully-forged blades that are incredibly sharp, thanks to a unique sharpening process.

Each WÜSTHOF knife is precision-forged from a single piece of chromium molybdenum-vanadium steel. This specialised high carbon, stain-resistant alloy ensures that the critical characteristics of each WÜSTHOF knife are there right from the beginning. Each blade features a striking double-bolster design, and the ergonomic handle, developed in consultation with professional chefs, rests perfectly in your hand for optimal performance and comfort.

Balance and ergonomics – the special geometry with double bolster for balanced handling. The knife sits comfortably in the hand and guarantees effortless cutting. The knife weighs less, thanks to the slim bolster design. This allows energy-saving work. In addition, the design allows the whole blade to be used and resharpened.

WÜSTHOF knives are created in 40 major manufacturing steps, from forging to tempering to grinding and polishing. Painstakingly manufactured, these WÜSTHOF Classic Ikon knives are fun to work with and will turn even the preparation of a dish into a culinary pleasure. With dozens of blade shapes across many different series to choose from here at Chef’s Complements, there is no task you can’t tackle.


  • Manufactured entirely in Solingen, Germany
  • Forged from one piece of specially tempered high carbon steel to ensure outstanding strength (chromium-molybdenum-vanadium)
  • Final buffing by hand
  • Half bolster design for optimal weight balance
  • Double bolster with high-quality logo lasering
  • Seamless; hygienic fit of the handle
  • Black handles made of special synthetic material
  • Triple-riveted handle shells
  • Full tang
  • Long-lasting extraordinary sharpness, thanks to PEtec – WÜSTHOF’s Laser-Controlled Precision Edge Technology
  • The cutting edge is easy to maintain and easy to restore

Classic Ikon Cooks Knife 23cm

Perfectly balanced, an extension of your hand, no kitchen should be without this manual food processor. It is the most essential of all knives used in the kitchen for mincing, chopping or cutting meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. The long, wide, curving blade makes it possible to use a professional dicing technique. It can also be used to chop and slice, flatten, shape and pick foods up. The robust spine of the knife can even be used to crack nuts or shellfish. This Cook’s Knife is an active participant in many kitchen tasks, makes food prepping pleasurable and is part of every professional and hobby cook’s basic equipment.

Cooks Knife 23cm Features:

  • Can be used for Head of Lettuce, Cabbage, Fish, Fruit, Herbs, Meat & Vegetables
  • Type of use: cutting & chopping
  • Forged

Cooks Knife 23cm Specifications:

  • Blade Length: 23cm
  • Blade Width: 50mm
  • Handle Length: 114mm
  • Handle Material: Resilient synthetic handle, riveted
  • Hardness Grade: 58HRC

Uses of your Cook’s Knife:

1. The midsection with its gently curved blade, cuts through firm and soft food. Dicing and chopping – for example, leeks, chives and parsley. Note: Do not chop through any thick bones! The blade is too delicate for this. For chopping bones, use the special knife for the purpose – the cleaver.

2. The front section with its stable tip is suitable for finely chopping vegetables such as onions, mushrooms or garlic.

3. The sturdy spine of the blade chops small bones. For larger bones, use the special knife for the purpose – the cleaver. For cracking open shellfish.

4. The heel of the blade. This is where you can put the most power into the blade. Chops food that is hard to cut through.

5. The wide surface of the blade. To shape and flatten meat and other foods. To pick up and transport what you have cut.

To help you get the best from your cook’s knife, you need to choose the most suitable size. We carry a vast range of blade lengths from 16cm up to 26cm. Professional chefs prefer a cook’s knife with a length of 20cm or longer. For home cooking, blade lengths of 16cm to 20cm are usually preferred. The length and feel of the knife is very much a personal choice. Some cook’s knives are even smaller than 16cm, these essentially act as utility knives. Other cook’s knives are even larger than 26cm, some of these can be even larger than 30cm and these are for large cutting tasks and can be used for carving.

From tips & techniques and use & care, to how the knives are made to the history of Wusthof, find it all here on our Wusthof Blog

Care tips for your WÜSTHOF Cook’s Knife

  • It is best to clean your knife straight after you have used it
  • Wash it in warm water using a damp cloth and some washing-up liquid
  • Dry it carefully

Technically, all WÜSTHOF knives are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher (except knives with wooden handles). However, WÜSTHOF recommend that you do not put your knives in the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is not switched on straight away, food remains (spices, sauces, juices) can damage the blades. Spots can form and the blades can even be damaged (corrosion).

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