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Our Latest Preserving

Weck’s Tips & Tricks to Preserving

Preserving Preserving

It might be easier than you think. It’s fun and satisfying and brings you the recognition of family and friends,...

Fido Jars Home Canning Guide

Guides Preserving

Home canning is simple, healthy and enjoyable. Many different sizes for a jar with a vintage design – ideal for...

7 Good Reasons to Make Jam at Home

Cooking Preserving

At breakfast or at snack are our most trusted allies. Tasty on biscuits, delicious on toast, inevitable in our pies....

Bormioli Rocco – Wedding favours for ceremonies


Confetti & sweets .... Fido jars are perfect to hold a sweet gift to give to friends and relatives during...

Bormioli Rocco – A shelf sized garden


If you are short on ideas for a gift for a friend, or if you are organizing a dinner and...

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