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Sparkling Wine And All There Is To Know About It!


There is something about sparkling wine that feels festive. With many festive occasions, a bottle of “bubbly” is presented and...

All About Whiskey… (Or Is It Whisky)


DO WE USE WHISKEY OR WHISKY? Well, ain’t that the question we all want to know? This rather easy question,...

Cocktails In The Correct Glass

Glassware Guides

Every cocktail is meant to be served in their own type of cocktail glass. The type of glass says a...

Master The Basic Cocktail Techniques


If you’re a beginner in making cocktails then this will help you along in the world of preparing cocktails. To...

Beer Facts You Need To Know

Table & Bar

THE PURPOSE OF A FOAM HEAD ON BEER It looks good and delicious every time! A beer with a nice...

Beer In The Correct Glass

Glassware Guides

Just like with wine, it’s important that beer should be poured in the correct beer glass. This has a great...

Beer Tasting, How To Do It Best

Guides Table & Bar

Every beer has its own characteristic flavour pallet and most people know that if you drink beer, you’ll taste the...

Wine Facts You Need To Know

Guides Table & Bar

THE IDEAL WINE SERVING TEMPERATURE The serving temperature of wine can amplify good or bad elements in wine. In general,...

Grape Varieties – Vacu Vin

Table & Bar

Worldwide, there are over 500 grape varieties of which wine is produced from. Grape varieties and their own distinctive properties...

Wine, How Is It Made?

Table & Bar

Wine is actually grape juice that has been yeasted. This is the only similarity between all types of wine in...

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