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Global Knives, Minosharp & Accessories

Get the cutting edge with Global knives.

Chopping, paring, slicing, dicing—when it comes to prep work in the kitchen, Global knives are the household name. Everyone recognises a Global kitchen knife with its unique dots on the handle, an iconic design which hasn’t changed since 1985.

Here at Chef’s Complements, we have 8 metres of knife cabinets and so it’s a given, that we carry a wide range of Global knives, both the Classic range and the SAI knives with their ergonomic thumb rest which eases the cutting motion. What’s more, we also offer the popular Minosharp knife sharpeners alongside Global knife blocks and rolls as well as Global-branded magnetic knife racks.

You’ll find Global and the Minosharp anywhere from home kitchens through to high-end restaurants and cooking shows. But what’s so special about this brand? Global knives are hand-forged and ice tempered by Japanese craftsmen from CROMOVA 18 stainless steel. They are then hardened to Rockwell C56˚- 58˚, which holds a razor-sharp edge longer than any other steel and resists rust, stains and corrosion. What’s more, Global knives are carefully weighted to ensure perfect balance in the hand—like Samurai swords. With their smooth contours and seamless construction, there’s no room for dirt/food traps which means a Global kitchen knife gives you the ultimate in safety and hygiene.

So whether you just need a bread knife or a whole set of kitchen knives, Minosharp and Global knife block, our website and Taupo retail destination have you covered.

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